High School Survival Guide: Back to School Edition

Here we are, that time of year where teenagers everywhere gear up for what could be the best or the worst time of their lives. Good old High School.  I get questions daily about how to make it through the maze of mean girls, jocks, pressure, sex, grades, dating and fitting in just enough to not garner too much negative addition. The good thing is, high school is just a means to an end, nothing else....more

Birds of a Feather: Tips for Choosing the Best School for Your Child

Blog Love As I sit here writing this, I have just come from a lovely local blogger gathering....more

There is no back to school here...

For the first time ever, I will not be buying back to school supplies. No new pencils, no packs of college rule paper, no colored markers or book covers. None of it....more

If you can survive high school, you can survive anything


I loved CEGEP. I think that's the only 2 years of my life I have ever enjoyed school. I don't ...more

Benefits of Online Learning for Teens

When personal computers first became popular, the question educators asked was, how do we integrate them into the classroom? Now, when we have reached a time where teenagers in the United States practically live on the Internet, the question now becomes, how can we use the computer as a tool to offer additional learning outside of school hours? Online classes can offer middle and high school students numerous benefits, such as the ability to take regular or AP classes not offered in their district, due to budget cuts or for other reasons. ...more

Prom-a Drama

I was helping the Snapper select a corsage for his senior prom date.  Luckily he had a phone photo of his date’s dress.  I said, “Isn’t technology fabulous?...more

I don't think anyone had the same dress. Or if they did we didn't really care. ...more

Thespians Do it On Stage


The Big Bang, Organization and Executive Functioning

One of the rooms I hate to enter is collegeman’s office. Well technically it is the home office, but he usurped it during high school and never returned it. There is a desk in there for hubby, but collegeman generally takes over both the computer/desk and his father’s desk during the semester....more

Bullying: Protecting Your Child

One of the issues that curtail and greatly interefere with your child's education is bullying. It has got to be the most debilitating thing watching you child be bullied. However, the reality is that there are things that can be done.   ...more

Sorry the above link to the Office of Civil Rights is broken. Until I can get it fixed here ...more

Who were you in High School

Its been over 10 years since I graduated High School. Since then, I haven't spent much time thinking about that era of my life. However, over the holidays a few things happened that made me reflect (for the first time in years) on the experiences I had in my early teens....more