Universities Must Take Responsibility for Student Drinking

Trash strewn throughout neighborhoods, young men uprooting stop signs, people peeing in front yards, drunken brawls, people breaking into strangers' homes and falling asleep there, men punching pizza delivery drivers, and women vandalizing police cars.  No, it's not Skid Row, a gang-infested community, or a post-apocalyptic landscape.  Rather, it's 1 a.m. in a relatively upscale professorial neighborhood of State College, Pennsylvania.  The National Public Radio show This American Life recently profiled the city and Pennsylvania State University, which was recently ranked the #1 "party school" by the Princeton Review....more

I listened to the "Party School" program this week and was blown away by the "happy ...more

iTunes U: Disruptive education--in more ways than one

Online learning has been called many things, depending on its iteration: innovative, flexible, customizable, disruptive, siloed, and disappointing.  While people have been creating informal learning networks  since the days of BBS and crafting personal learning environments since the web went 2.0, Apple has made the process of online learning considerably more convenient, thanks first to iTunes U and later the iPhone. ...more

I haven't used iTunes U, but I'm tempted to. I already have my university degrees though, and ...more

University of California tuition to increase 32 percent

Today, a panel of the University of California Regents—the ten-university system's governing body—approved a proposal to increase undergraduate "fees" (UC's word for tuition) by 32 percent over the coming year. Should the full board of Regents consent to the increase tomorrow, students will see a fee increase of more than $2,500 by fall 2010....more

I don't know--there's got to be something.  Me, my four kids, my daughter-in-law--all ...more

Should men receive preferential admission to college?

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is investigating whether selective colleges have been discriminating against women applicants by admitting less-qualified men in an attempt to maintain a gender balance on campus.  According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, The investigation is being undertaken at the request of commissioner and law professor Gail Heriot, an opponent of affirmative action....more

From the time my boys have been little everywhere I looked I say tee shirts that said boys ...more

National Academic Standards Draft Released

Earlier this week, a panel of experts charged by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers with crafting a set of national academic standards for English and mathematics skills released the first official draft of the standards. The draft outlines those skills students are expected to have developed prior to graduating from high school....more

There is no reason why a child in Mississippi shouldn't have the same standards as a child in ...more

Women in academia (especially) can't have it all

Imagine you're a single woman, and you fall in love with someone who lives in a different part of the country. Not too hard to imagine, right? Now throw this choice on top of it: Competition in your field is so fierce that jobs in your profession typically draw hundreds of applicants--and there may be only half a dozen jobs in your specialty offered on the entire continent in any given year. Do you give up your One True Career Love for your One True Love? ...more

So true--I live this reality of the conflict between following career and keeping family ...more

Who's responsible for women's safety on college campuses?

Carleton University in Ottawa and a student victim known only as Jane Doe have settled a lawsuit brought by Doe following her sexual assault in a campus chemistry lab in 2007. Doe was suing the university for $535,000 to cover the physical and emotional injuries she suffered. The case was controversial--and remains so--because, according to the CU: We're Asking for It blog, ...more

I think that a university should have better protective measures to ensure the safety of ...more

Should students feel the brunt of university budget cuts?

I opened my local newspaper this morning to find faculty opining that any cuts to their salaries should be reflected as reduced time spent in the classroom. For example, the article quotes Professor Keith Watenpaugh of the University of California, Davis religious studies department: ...more


Is it time to end the university as we know it?

This past weekend, I considered a critique of universities as abusive employers and suggested that American universities are, in some ways, profoundly broken. Mark Taylor, chair of the religious studies department at Columbia University, takes this critique to its (il)logical conclusion, calling for us to "End the University as We Know It." He begins with this analogy: ...more

I agree with many of the critics of the op-ed that some of the points were off target and ...more

Are universities abusive employers?

The economy sucks. You're not sure what to do, but you really enjoyed college, especially all that great stuff you read for your English major. You're thinking you should go back to school. After all, people have been predicting for more than a decade that there is a big wave of retirements coming to the professoriate soon. Should you invest the next several years in graduate school so you can become a professor? Um, no. ...more