6 Tips on How to Be a Smart and Successful Graduate Student

You might think it's too easy but it isn't: pretty much everything I’ve ever said to my graduate students—at least in terms of what they need to know to help them write their dissertation—can be summed up by the following points:...more

Job Search, Job Search, When Will You End

Since April Fool's Day (note the irony) of 2012, I have been job searching. In some form or fashion since I received my MS in Counseling, I have been in the Student Affairs field. From Residential Life to Academic Advising, to Career Services to a position that had me wearing every hat and then some....more

Federal Complaints Say Occidental College Failed to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

A group of Occidental College students and faculty are turning to outside forces to impel their college to reform its policy and process for addressing sexual assault. ...more
I'd guess the problem runs deeper in terms of attitude. We've seen things like Steubenville (and ...more

Student debt and the death of opportunity

The American Bar Association published an article this week entitled The Law School Bubble: How Long Will it Last if Grads Can't Pay Bills? In short-- the feds are generous in handing out student loans, but while the cost of tuition has skyrocketed, the job market has stagnated....more

Repaying Student Loans

Congratulations if you've survived the student loan application process!Now, be sure to take action that will carry you through your commitment and set you up for a good credit rating too.On Thursday, July 28th, and Monday, August 1st, I will feature two blogs on StudentMentor.org highlighting everything you'll need to know about student loans and the process of repaying them. Included will be a "911" post regarding emergency situations that could arise....more

College Application Essay: How To

Potential students are often required to submit an essay as they apply to the colleges of their choice.  In graduate school I earned part of my school fees by being appointed to a position in the admissions department.  My first task was to weed application essays out of the student files.  I had to read the file and the essays to know what to discard.  Often the writing was subpar, the content was immature (does crying over a dead seal on the beach really equip you to enter graduate school in criminology?)  Not all of the students who had files were accepted into t...more

Leaps..Where to Go to College Unveils Emotions

When my mother called me to her bedroom that night, I knew it was serious. There were six children in our home. My parents had the upstairs master bedroom with a private bath off it. No child ever entered either without permission.I had been at school all day-- a girls Catholic institution across town. At 3:00, I had traveled back to a job answering the switchboard at a neighborhood seminary. By the time I had arrived home, all I wanted was to eat the dinner my mother had left wrapped in the oven, and to study for my French exam. Then I heard my name, and I went up....more

The Plagiarism Epidemic

TA group of teachers-- some still working, some retired--were venting at my N...more