Switch Up Your Spring Hairstyle with Neon Highlights

Liven up your spring hairstyle with neon hair highlights. Neon strands have become a big trend for the upcoming warmer (YAY! Triple yay!) season. Maybe it’s because we’re no longer wearing bulky clothing and woolie hats; we can now show off our hair again and this is the perfect trend to do it! Color-wise, the neon trend is an outgrowth (sorry for the pun) from the creative colors that celebs like Kelly Osbourne and her lilac locks, designer Chris Benz and his head of pink hair, or any shade that Katy Perry or Riri’s been wearing....more
I love the metallic lilac at the top. Sadly my hair wouldn't cope with the chemicals, maybe in a ...more

On the Bright Side: Free Highlights

You would think the fact that at least half of my hair is white now would be one of the downsides to getting older, but actually it has been a real advantage for me. I finally have the color I wish I had been born with, and it couldn’t have happened without going gray.Read on to find out how I ended up with prettier hair at 52 than when I was young. http://foreverinbluejeans-newme.com/on-the-bright-side-free-highlights/ ...more

Highlights and Achievements In a Nutshell ~ Farewell 2008

Highlights and Achievements In a Nutshell ~ Farewell 2008     ...more