How the Deaths of High Schoolers affect High Schoolers

If you didn’t know how teens feel about other teens dying, you will now! “Lost Count: A Love Story.” This is more than I can say or relate. Their pain is more than I can bear. copy and paste the link to your browser to see the film clip if link doesn't work.)This video clip was brought to my attention my Amelia M. Albanese, linked on Facebook.The needless death of any child is felt by all....more Thank you, Robin, for that deeply heartfelt comment. I appreciate your ...more

"Enjoy it; the time just goes SO fast."

And I get this "advice" often. And it is always regarding my kids. Usually, I am struggling with a grocery bag, a screaming toddler and a preschooler who wants gum while I try to have one of these conversations - you know.... one of those, "I know" (but you don't, really - you are IN it - how could you possibly be getting sentimental or weepy over a period in your life that is currently kicking your ass? Yes - the two and / or three or four year old is cute, but......more

What's in Your Pocket?

I love finding little bits of the past in unexpected places. I think I recently blogged about a drawing that my Mom, Olivia and I had done years ago when Olivia was a toddler or preschooler - dated it, put our names on it - and it was hiding in with some unused art supplies in Lilliana's room. Happy find. Most days, I can excavate something interesting from an area in our house. Last week, it was a shirt of Enzo's - one that he wore when he was only one or two years old or so - and it had fallen behind the drawers in his dresser and was just recently starting to cause a problem with one of the drawers shutting, so... I finally yanked it out - so cute. Another happy find. This week, it has been all about my pockets.... ...more