Hoodies or Hijabs – What’s the Difference? Neither Should Get You Killed

A Muslim mother of five was killed inside her home last week, while wearing clothing that covered her head, a note filled with racial slurs left next to her body. Sound familiar? The similarities between the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the bludgeoning death of 32-year old Shaima Alawadi are disturbing. Alawadi’s murder may even be a more blatant hate crime than Martin’s – the mother of five was killed in her dining room, with a note reading...more
"If somebody kills somebody, it's a crime, but if somebody kills somebody of a different race, ...more

Hijab Scenes by Mohja Kahf and Poem For Today

Mohja Kahf...more
Loved these (especially the first poem) - Thanks for sharing! saritaagerman.blogspot.itmore

I am a Muslim Woman

That statement can cause quite the reaction.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  Sometimes people look at me, in my hijab (head scarf) and I see pity, other times, I see anger.  I want people to know something important.  I chose to wear my hijab.  In fact, I fought with my husband about it.  He didn't want me to.Yes.  You read that right.  My husband tried to talk me OUT of wearing it.  I did it anyway....more
 @the.me.i.be - I'll look for you! I know of some fiercely loyal niqab wearers...but I don't ...more

Unicorns & Sunshine VS. Devils & Darkness

My mommy raised me to always be a lady.  Above all else, be a lady.  I would leave the house to go out for the night and the last words spoken were always, "Be a lady!"  Not "Be careful", not "Watch out for shady people", not "Are you wearing clean underwear?", ok, that was NEVER said, I think it was just always understood, as it should be.  But, I digress. ...more

On Being a Muslim-American Woman

Recently, I was on a flight headed to the east coast to visit my family when I saw a woman board the plane with a little girl who I pegged to be less than 2 years old. The child was a hysterical wreck from the moment she set foot on the plane until we landed four hours later. The mother and daughter were seated one row behind me. There was a storm developing close by, so the pilot made an announcement that we'd remain grounded for about 30 minutes. He'd keep us posted. ...more

In sharing these thoughts. I will have to read this multiple times.

I am not an atheist, but ...more

Burka Rage Begins in France: Two Women Try to Rip Burka From Muslim Woman

A 60-year-old lawyer and her adult daughter were shopping in a trendy French department store this weekend. They got into a physical fight with a 26-year-old Muslim convert who was wearing a burka. They tried to rip the garment off the younger girl's body because they found it offensive. This is being called the first incident of "burka rage" in France. But tension focused around Muslim clothing has been building for some time in this country that is comprised of more than five million Muslims. (By comparison, the U.S. is estimated variously as up to 2.5 million.) ...more
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Where is Iran's Protest Movement Going?

Anti-government protests show no signs of abating in Iran despite mass arrests and killings of protesters, leading some observers to wonder whether the Islamic fundamentalist regime is in danger of losing its legitimacy.  However, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmidinejehad says it's all just a plot cooked up by the United States, Europe and Israel.  (Al Jazeera)...more

Muslim Ramadan images - from recipes to synagogue-sharing

Ramada begins this weekend. For Muslims, this begins a month of prayer, reflection and sunrise-to-sunset fasts. It is a time for deep reflection and for extensive giving to charities. ...more

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She wore a hijab

She wore a hijab, a scarf around her neck, a baggy sweater and a long black skirt. ...more