My rapture-filled weekend, and a sundog to boot

Every now and then we get a little glimpse at a simpler life. This weekend was entirely made up of moments like that. I was just about to pack up my bags on Friday at the office, jump on the bus and head home. But the phone rang and the BF said he had picked up the boys from my mom and would be out to get me shortly. Fantastic. He's picked me up alone before, and met me for dinner. He's even sat through the tedium of local council meetings with me, just because. But on Friday, he brought the boys....more

My Life Viewed Thru Rose-Colored Menopausal Glasses

Living with menopause is not unlike living with a dual personality, everyday tells a story, but every telling has two sides. Imagine life lived in two versions—one personality goes in as the other goes out…a daily adventure of in-an’-out repeats and déjà vu’s. Why, it’s enough to drive anyone loony toons!...more

Adventures in Backpacking | Take a Hike!

Now that you've go your gear, it's time to find somewhere to head out to for your first backpacking adventure. Before you leave be sure to leave an intinerary with friends or relatives so they know when to expect you to return from the backcountry. ...more

Menopausal: But What a Difference a Workout and Sunshine Makes

In the past two years, since falling prey to Menopause Disorder—my alter ego, that She Siren, compelling wailer of distress—my once religious-like workouts have threatened to come to a complete halt. And I don’t even want to tell you what my eating habits and attempts at dieting have been like, more like a sitcom of Mama Cass versus Twiggy. So do not get me started or I’ll just lose it and drone and blubber, and then mucus would get all over my keyboard!...more

I appreciate that you took the time to give readers here some important information.

Wishing ...more

Adventures in Backpacking | Choosing Gear

Before you go out and put that pack on and walk into the wilderness you might want to think about getting some gear. Thankfully technology has improved backpacking gear in the last 30 years, particularly in the past 10 years. These days light wear gear is even more affordable and with the internet, deals abound!   Backpack ...more

Earth Day: Take Your Kids For a Hike in the Urban Jungle (video)

We're big fans of hiking and are fortunate enough to live in a city that has a lot of greenspace and trails. I even keep a supply of bird seed and a geocaching kit in the back of the car in case we decide to go on a whim....more

Adventures in Backpacking


The First Signs of Spring

On Sunday Morning my heart went pitter patter! The sun was out to greet us with her warmth and felt like spring had finally arrived to grace us with its mellow presence. It was the perfect day to explore a little of Jasper.It was the sound of running water which made me jump with glee! The ice was melting and the river was flowing!...more

Grace of Spring

The grace of Spring has almost arrived in San Francisco. For now, the sun appears to only pop out on Monday's and while that's not quite enough for me. I'll take what I can get.My adoring husband found a park for us to trek all over yesterday afternoon and it was lovely. We have lived in the bay area practically our entire lives and we had never even heard of this place!...more

Take a hike, please.

We randomly decided to take a hike yesterday and I can say for sure that a year ago, although I would have happily agreed to go, I also would have huffed and puffed the whole entire time. Today I honestly didn't even think twice about the fact that there were two hills included in our hike, I even kept pace with Ryman the entire time....more