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The Insanity Workout Wrap-up

Last spring I posted about my husband Hal’s and my harebrained “Let’s get in shape real fast” scheme, buttressed by a 60-day DVD workout plan called Insanity. And insane it was: six days a week, for forty to sixty minutes a day last April and May, we slid a disc into the computer and bounced, heaved, and sweated in unison on the back deck, urged on by the hip-hop-flavored stylings of Shaun T.In a word (or two), it hurt. Bad....more

Take A Hike!

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Part 2 of my Heathen Holiday

Blimey. Amongst all the excitement of the caption competition, I nearly forgot to do the post on the second part of my camping trip. How could I forget that? Living like a badger, virtually grubbing around for insects and foraging for fruit and nuts. Well ok, it wasn't quite that bad. There was a stove in the tent so that we could cook bacon sandwiches, but I still had to eat them in the open air like a squirrel, with the wind blowing mud onto them and wasps attacking me.... and then I would have to jump around trying to swat them, looking like a mentalist to boot....more

Celebrating unemployment

It has now been one month since I voluntarily left my employment to hike, to write, to read, and to re-assess my future.  It has been the best month I can remember for a very long time.  I know that soon I will face concerns about paying bills, but for now, all I want is to return to the top of the Rockies where I hiked for a week in the glacier-tinged air. I gave up worrying about exercise routines, and pushed myself to altitudes on the trail I've never reached before....more

5 Fun and Free (or Cheap) Things to Do for Summer

Ahhhh summer is coming, and for most of us, that means many more days outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warm weather. Summer also presents many opportunities to have fun for free, or at least on the cheap. I am looking forward to many places and activities that will help me enjoy the day but still preserve my budget. Here are five fun things to do - for not very much money: ...more

Our family enjoys the many free public splash pads around the Valley of the Sun. If you are ...more

A Lesson from Mother Nature

I learned a valuable lesson from Mother Nature this weekend. She may have brought me snow! But she couldn't take away my fun! It's all about compromise and going with the flow!

Rolling the dice on a mushroom forage

Tomorrow my husband is going on mushroom hunt with Braise Culinary School. He loves mushrooms. I hate mushrooms. However, we both agree that they are very interesting to photograph. ...more

I Just Gotta Be ME!

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