30 Vintage Housewife Ads you Can't Unsee

You know that saying "Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you read?" That doesn't apply to advertising - you shouldn't believe any of it. It's so fascinating to see how much has changed (and hasn't) in people trying to get other people's attention. ...more

Using Reality TV To Reveal Your Personality

I've been fascinated by personality tests ever since I abandoned those quizzes where you try to find out the shape of your face. At this point in my life I don't care what shape my face is. Or what shape my whole head is for that matter. What am I, a professor of geometry?...more

Middle Aged Ink: The Tale of My Second Set of Ovaries

“That’s the one; the one that says ‘woman’ underneath it. That’s the one I’m getting....more
I say: fill it in with some orange and tell people its the logo of the Flyer's AHL team - they ...more



Why Some Gene Pools Need Bleach

(See more hilarity from The Mad Housewife and Mad Merlot Mama on our blog, Desperately Seeking Coffee @ http://javainmyveins.blogspot.com/) ...more

Pretty Much The Best Photos Ever

This is my husband Rudy, around age 12: {click to enlarge} Does anyone else feel like his hat should say "vote for Pedro"? Or that maybe he was bred for his skills and magic? ...more

A Shopping Shangri-La

Early on a Saturday morning, I give my slumbering husband a kiss and a whispered lie about returning soon and head out the door, making a beeline for the big red bull’s eye. As I pull into the parking lot of my local Target store, I’m a-tingle with excitement. There are times in the often frenzied life of modern motherhood when we could all use a little retail therapy. In my case, when I can walk alone through those beckoning doors, unencumbered by children, I feel like I’ve hit the big-box bonanza. ...more