Overcoming Impostor Syndrome: Why You Really Might Be the Expert in the Room

I became aware of the Impostor Syndrome eight or nine years ago, when I was working for a failing start-up. Watching our staff whittle to half its size every few weeks was starting to take a toll on the remaining employees. I was grateful to still be working, but I wondered whether I should start looking into another job -- something more secure....more

Great article.  Appearances are deceiving and many people aren't as confident as ...more

Elizabeth Edwards, A Woman Off The Fence

Many of you have asked my opinion on this week’s announcement that cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards has left her husband, former presidential candidate John Edwards. I covered this story before, as I found it fascinating why some women choose to stay after infidelity....more

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Address on Internet Freedom

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a major address at the Newseum in Washington DC on January 21. She spoke in favor of uncensored access to the Internet and elaborated on the position the U.S. has taken regarding Internet freedom. ...more

About Martha Coakley

by Diane Vacca Attention, all candidates and wannabees: Learn a valuable lesson from Martha Coakley.If you want to win, don’t take anything for granted. Fight as if your political life depends on it, because it does....more

Senator-elect Brown, Hillary Clinton, and why voters choose

 A recent post noted with some criticism implied that Barack Obama defeated Hillarty Clinton in 2008 because "he ran a better campaign". Two observations come to mind: 1) By definiton, has there ever been a loser in an election who "ran a better campaign" than the winner?...more

Coakley vs. Brown in Massachusetts: How Did We Get Here?

A conservative Republican (didn’t want to give rape victims access to emergency contraception, questions whether global warming is man-made; called a local gay family with children “not normal”) in Massachusetts is threatening to win the seat that the late Senator Ted Kennedy, “the Liberal Lion” of the Senate, inhabited so powerfully until he died....more



Clinton Clarion Call: Global Data On Women & Girls Shows "Grim" Portrait

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech today to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the first International Conference on Population and Development. That gathering included a total of thousands of delegates from 179 countries....more

What a great set of astute observations - I agree with them all.

I think you are right ...more

Gail Collins Part 2: for women who have "waited" long enough

by Chris Lombardi...more

Holding Up More Than Half the Sky

One of my favorite Chinese proverbs says, "Women hold up half the sky." Some days I feel like it's more than half, but the point of the proverb is that women are equal partners with men in navigating through life. At least, we ought to be. ...more

Yes, I knew that it came from Mao, at least that's what I've been ...more

Newsmix: NFL For Breast Cancer Awareness, Rep Baldwin "hero" of GLBT Month, Cambodia's Mu Sochua asks Clinton and US to help

Whew! When fall hits, so do a slew of official "months." October is now swathed in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month; less expected, however, is this sudden influx of pink National Football League merchandise. For the latter, it seems, we can thank Tanya Snyder, 47, whose husband Dan owns the Washington Redskins. She told the New York Times about the way cancer changed her life: ...more