Making peace with my past

Everyone, or almost everyone, looks back at different parts of their life at times. I never met anyone who said they didn’t.Being at middle age, I have parts of my past that, perhaps, I would have done differently. There are choices that would have had different outcomes,..I don’t know, you just go over things and examine the different variables.Please don’t take this the wrong way: I am loving my life and thank God every day for Jim and my girls....more

Poll: Hindsight or Foresight?

Given the choice, would you prefer life to come pre-installed with... "Undo" button that would allow you at any time to backtrack and choose different words said or choices made, OR, "Are You Sure?" warning that would give you those extra few seconds of pause before speaking or acting? Enquiring minds want to know... Please share! ...more

Note To My Sixteen Year Old Self

I will often say no when asked if I would go back to being 16 again.  However, I think I might change that to a yes.  Not go back to re-live the glory days, such as they were, but more to make things easier for the years ahead.  More understandable.  So, what would I go back and tell my sixteen year old self?...more

Cat and mouse

Love it when you send me questions! Here’s a recent one.   Hello there, I hope you can help me,  ...more

Ask Maryanne: Group Sex?

Group Sex Questions: Good or Bad? ...more

Ask Me Anything!

Ask MaryanneMaryanne shares her answers to some of the questions readers and listeners send. Want your question answered? Email !...more

Finding freedom through commitment

By Maryanne ComarotoMy husband David and I were on the approach to The Golden Gate Bridge, on our way to the airport, when I had a “feeling” to check my cell. Sure enough, four calls within minutes, evidence someone was urgently trying to reach me. Validation that my intuition (i.e. that feeling) was working....more

Dreams, Hope, Hopi Prayer and Kleenex

  Yesterday morning I woke up rocked me by a dream trilogy that spoke to me in the kind of way some dreams do and leave a film that you just can’t shake. After about a half hour of trying to analyze the dream and figure out what the “message” was, I gave up and decided to simply surrender into the heaviness that accompanied it (which, of course, I wasn’t in the mood for and was resisting).  ...more

Dating Advice for a GREAT relationship!

People ask me all the time for dating tips and advice, and I definitely have some current favorites. Whether you’re back on the dating scene after a divorce/difficult breakup/death of a spouse; whether you were plain old dumped and are afraid to have your heart broken again, a single parent, are intimidated by online dating, wouldn’t know where to start or even what to say if you saw someone you liked, or are simply starting over, try these on for size. Don’t lead with “sexy” unless you want someone to value that most about you!...more

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