'The Bloodletter's Daughter': Real history can enthrall too!

For Game of Thrones addicts like myself, it is sometimes easy to forget that 'actual' history can be as bloody, magical and lascivious as the imagined. The truth is, Game of Thrones has all but ruined me for reading about our real world. I have been avoiding historical fiction thinking it would be flat and boring when compared with the world created by Mr Martin. As usual, when I pre judge books (and in this case whole genres) I was wrong (I have been wrong a lot in this blog). ...more

Celebrity Style Icon

I saw an article in the back of Lucky Magazine that was about style icons. It really got me to thinking about who my celebrity style icon is. Almost on instinct I thought of Reese Witherspoon and after Googling her casual style I'm totally convinced that she's my style sister...of course with a lot more money and fame and...well...taste....more

The Origin of Lavalieres

"      Sterling Silver Artisan Amethyst/Pearl Lavaliere    The origin of lavalieres dates back to the mid 1600's, when the Duchesse de la Valliere, (she was the mistress of Louise XIV of France) wore a certain type of pendant on her necklace and it became very popular during that era. The name was later shortened to lavaliere. ...more

Pulitzer News Flash- The Prize Goes to Sally Hemings

As journalists around the world rush to see who's just been awarded the Pulitzer Prize, WVFC's eye was drawn by one non-journo on the list. ...more

Special Guest Lisa Marie Wilkinson and a Contest

I am thrilled and honored to welcome Lisa Marie Wilkinson, author of Fire at Midnight, to my blog. For a chance to win a copy of her debut book, stop by and leave a comment for her. A winner will be chosen April 6. Details are here: http://margayleahjustice.com/?p=248 Margay Leah Justice ...more

WVFC Poetry Friday: Phillis Wheatley


Paranormal Historical Romance Novel Immortal Warrior Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Immortal Warrior Virtual Book Tour November ‘08 ...more