Mother's Day - A surprising violent history - Talk to us and Win!

With Mother’s Day approaching in about a month, and the weather finally feeling like Spring, I thought it would be a good time to turn shift focus to all things Mom. This blog will be a first in a series of Mother’s Day....more

Butter in the Well -- How the Journal of an Immigrant Pioneer Touched Me

I traveled recently to a conference in Kansas. Wichita, to be exact. There are some reasons why I don't like traveling, but one of the reasons I do like traveling is that it gives me several hours of uninterrupted time to read. I absolutely love to read, and don't often get that time where I can spend hours on end with a book. But with airport wait-time and all day plane rides, I definitely get enough time to settle in with a good book. ...more
@LindaHubalek That should be my books "Butter in the Well" and "Prarieblomman" I see typos!more

Towards a Genealogy of Black Conservative Thought

As I tried to show in my post last week on Why Black History Month Still Matters, much of our contemporary discourse has important historic roots. The black conservative intellectual tradition is one example that I think bears some examination. That tradition illuminates the complex ways in which African American thought is intertwined with and simultaneously distinct from other American intellectual traditions. ...more
blackrepublican that RT was Awesome!! Why does the government not try these suggestions by some ...more

Your Race or Mine

Race is commonly based upon skin color, facial features, and hair textures.  There have also been groups designated as races based on religion, culture, social, national, ethnic, linguistic, genetic, geographical, and anatomical groupings.  This makes one wonder what exactly makes a person a certain race.  If it's religion, am I part of a Mormon race?  That makes no since since I'm from a convert family.  If it's cultural, then am I part of an educated race?  Well, that sounds quite elitist.  If it's social, am I part of a liberal race?  That doesn't ...more

Henio Zytomirski – Facebook Profile Memorializes 6 Year Old Holocaust Victim

As the granddaughter of two Holocaust survivors, the horrific reality of death camps, forced labor and mass murder were never an abstract concept for me. I was able to touch the numbers tattooed on my grandmother’s arm, hold the pictures of the countless relatives I never got to know and hear the stories of struggle and survival straight from the mouths of those who lived them....more

President Obama and the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King: From Protest to Politics

President Barack Obama led his nation in the commemoration of the 81st birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King yesterday, drawing a parallel between the challenges faced by generations of freedom fighters and those facing contemporary Americans enduring a "hard winter" of financial hardship, war and persistent inequalities. ...more

Thank you for connecting some dots so clearly and so well. I think your reasoning is spot on and ...more

What I’m shredding in 2010. 8 things that will stay in the past.

One of my recent, favorite, end of year traditions is the giant shredder they have in Times Square in the last days of the year....more

Bloggers: how to request a free review copy of new book: Canadian Escapades

On Mommycosm, I recently shared my book review of Canadian Escapades: The true story of the author's 3 escapes from WW2 POW camps -- by Klaus Conrad....more

Time Travel: The Titanic Cruise

The 'unsinkable'' British liner Titanic sails out of Southampton, England, at the start of its doomed voyage in 1912. A recreation of the voyage will depart from Britain on April 8, 2012 and head for spot where ship sank on April 12, 1912--The Globe and Mail ...more

It'll be awesome. We'll cram them all in to the hull of a rickety wooden ship. Maybe, just ...more