Living with history

Our lives are defined by our history. By the time we reach midlife, we can tell our story in a few sentences, summing up the most important things for a new acquaintance pretty quickly:"I grew up in Great Neck, New York, moved to Sherman Oaks, California at 15, college in San Diego, married my husband at 27. Two kids by 30. Worked as a retail buyer and manager, but opted to stay at home and raise my kids. Now I'm a blogger and about to turn 50."...more

365 Days of Blessings – Day 55 – Those who recorded history

I am thankful for those who recorded historyThose who lived it before us, and took the time to put pen to paper so we could experience life as they knew it.  It is so vital to know our history, personally and as a part of the global community we live in.  Without it we are bound to follow in the worst of the footsteps that went before us as we fail to learn from the experiences, and mistakes, of others.Warmest regards, ...more

Downloading Dad: Searching for Black History

When my father, age 91, told me a few weeks ago that a woman, born Augustine Lemieux Stevens (a.k.a. Gussie), had died, I shuddered for moment in a spasm of grief. I grieved not because I knew Ms. Gussie but because I did not know her....more

Video: The Sexy and Sexist Layers of the Wedding Cake

Thanksgiving Means Much More Than Turkey


What Does November Have Against Me???

November has a history of events that have been sad and/or traumatic, and I tend to fall into a pretty rotten depression for most of the month. I hide from the world, and even from close friends and immediate family members. It's the most difficult four weeks of my year, and it opens every wound there is, every single year....more

NaBloPoMo Day 7

cross-posted from my blog: caldreamsquirrel.blogspot.comOne of the things DH and I like to do when traveling is stop at small shops with local products.  I had seen a wine and cheese tasting store in a small town near Medford, Oregon while my DH continued his search for the perfect hang-gliding spot.  While on our way back, I asked if he would stop so we could taste some of the local wines which Oregon is becoming more famous for....more

John Quincy Adams - the first Tweeter

The Massachusetts Historical Society has since 2009 been tweeting a line a day from the journals of the 6th President of the United States, John Quincy Adams. President Adams fils (son) has kept a journal since boyhood, having been encouraged to do so by his father, President John Adams, who also kept a journal and authored many essays and letters.  In fact, this Adams family has been a goldmine for scholars of the early history of the United States of America since members in this family (including the women) documented many aspects of their lives - domestic and political,...more

Hilarious History

My husband's brother has a boy a few months older than the girls. He sent us a video of his son answering many historical questions correctly. Who was the first President? George Washington. Who was the sixteenth President? Abraham Lincoln. Who is the current President? Obama. Who said the British are coming? The British are coming! Who said that? Paul Revere. So, Carlos and I decided to test our own children. (I haven't taught them one damn historical thing...but you can bet I'm going to start.) ...more


 It seems a sad state of society that each generation must face an event that burns an everlasting memory into the psyche. Where were you the day of innocence lost?December 7, 1941: “ A date which will live in infamy.” November 23, 1963: The world watched a little boy salute his father’s coffin. September 11, 2001: “Terrorism against our nation will not stand.”...more