The Help and the burden of writing fiction.

Recently, the Association of Black Woman Historians issued a public statement to the fans of the book, The Help, and the movie based on it. They basically said that;The Help distorts, ignores, and trivializes the experiences of black domestic workers. ...more

Powerful Bond

by Lianne Castelino There is just so much to love about this story, so please indulge me.   The family bond piece is only the beginning. ...more

My Planned Parenthood Story: I'm Participating in This Blogging Event Today, and You Can Too!

This post  is cross-posted from my blog,  Build Peace,  which is participating in a blog carnival today organized by two Hoosier-based blogs, What Tami Said and Shakesville in support of Planned Parenthood which  as you know is under siege from Right Wing extremists.  Check out the Blog Carnival here. ...more


Another Saturday and all dressed with no where to go. Both of us are lying low due to the ...more

Quebec City Holidays

Last year I went to San Diego Comic Con. While it was tonnes of fun, I had a revelation - I had officially now been to more locations in the USA than I had of my own beautiful country, Canada. And so I vowed to myself that within the next decade, I would visit at least one city in each province and territory in Canada.* Bonus points for those locations with some sort of historical significance....more

It's definitely a good long-weekend destination, especially since you are already relatively ...more

Another View on Seattle's Best: What Ever Happened to Henry?

Cece has been very perplexed lately.  She has gone looking for her favorite coffee called Henry’s Blend by Seattle’s Best and she cannot find it. Where is Henry and where is Henry’s Blend?   She used to look for the cat on the package, but they phased out Henry.  He was the orange tabby that first sat on the warm coffee roaster when Seattle’s Best first began. He is part of their history.  Even though the cat on the packaging was phased out,   Henry’s Blend lived on!   So, it has become a mystery that Cece wants to solve....more

A Thought on Happiness

This past year or two I've been thinking a lot about religion and spirituality. Matter of fact, lately I've been dreaming of listening in on a theoretic "end of the world" forum-of-world-thought. Well, I kind of just made that name up. But you get the idea. I want to sit down and listen to everyone who has a vision of all this massive change taking place worldwide and simply hear dialogue. It's the English major in me. I want all the colorful characters, the momentous stories. I want to line them all up, analyzing the similarities, looking for divergences....more

The Value of Women's Work Can Change the Workplace

Isn't it amazing that Blatch made this argument 113 years ago? Her point still resonates today. A study released by the Center for American Progress shows that in the down economy, women increasingly became the sole breadwinners, despite the persistent wage gap, since men were being laid off at higher rates to trim companies' bottom line. More and more men defined themselves as "stay-at-home fathers." Women were fully half the paid workforce as of last year, and because women were concentrated in lower paying jobs were less likely to be laid off. ...more
Thanks, Gloria and the people who commented..Please check out The State of the Union: Our Real ...more

America's First Woman Writer (The Story Behind the Photograph)

(to see the photographs that illustrate this post, click on my blog "A Rolling Crone" below:) One of the categories of antique photographs that I collect is photos of paintings, especially portraits. Photography began in 1839 with the daguerreotype process, and many Americans quickly went to a photographer’s studio carrying a painting of a deceased relative—for how else would future generations remember the face of their ancestor? ...more

The Texan on the Porch

In seventh grade, in Texas, every kid has to take Texas History…or at least they did when I hit it in 1975. As a Texan I take pride in my state and will confess that I have that Texan bravado that other Americans find quite nauseating at times….well, maybe all the time. It is the one of the few things that I have in common with George W. Bush….we both love Texas and don’t mind talking about it....more