Taking a Cue From Fiction

Author, poet, freelancer “Write a scene with two people interacting without speaking” is the prompt I found on Poetic Asides this morning. Okay, that’s easy enough. After all, isn’t that what poets do best?...more

Egyptian Mythology and Religion

Copyright by Caitlyn Tjong Egyptian mythology has always intrigued me, so this is a little research essay I have written about it. ...more
 @SunbonnetSmart.com  Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Miss Robin. I'm really glad that ...more

Mojo Book Review and a GIVEAWAY

Madeline's preface begins "This is the story of two little girls, Each of them living in different worlds, One in the old world, and one in the new, One like your great-grand'ma, One just like you....more

Fear of being forgotten ...

Thru out the history, all mankind want to be remembered whether thru their kindness that touch many souls or thru their massive creation. Even though their creation were created at the times for different purposes but at the end they do leave lasting memories for us to treasure. From the Great Wall of China to the pyramids of Egypt. Every one of them was created for a reason but yet that reason have transcended into unforgettable history....more

A Moment in Living History

Making history come alive appears as if it comes easily to the Museum of the Albemarle in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  Yesterday, February 12, 2012, everyone was invited to share in the celebration of the Civil War, 150 years ago....more

Good Reading Rack Service

The Hubby and I purchased an investment house several months ago and are slowly fixing it up to either sell or rent. Imagine our surprise when he went in the attic of the house and found a box full of these handy-dandy pamplets called Good Reading Rack Service. I think they were in doctor offices or such and are from the early '50's. B has been having a hey-day (oh gosh I'm talking like the 50's) scanning them into the computer so she can do a year long thing on her blog, I think....more
That is some great artwork on those pamphlets.more

I Marched for the Martin Luther King Holiday

Early on the crisp, clear morning of January 15, 1981, I boarded a bus in Princeton, New Jersey bound for a demonstration in Washington, DC to make the birthdate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a national holiday. Via the Associated Press, the New York Times reported the next day that about 15,000 of us  "walked along Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol the Washington Monument, carrying signs that read, 'Let's make this day a day of celebration - Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King' and 'I Have a Dream - for Peace.'" ...more
@edavis Thanks so much!more

Living with history

Our lives are defined by our history. By the time we reach midlife, we can tell our story in a few sentences, summing up the most important things for a new acquaintance pretty quickly:"I grew up in Great Neck, New York, moved to Sherman Oaks, California at 15, college in San Diego, married my husband at 27. Two kids by 30. Worked as a retail buyer and manager, but opted to stay at home and raise my kids. Now I'm a blogger and about to turn 50."...more

365 Days of Blessings – Day 55 – Those who recorded history

I am thankful for those who recorded historyThose who lived it before us, and took the time to put pen to paper so we could experience life as they knew it.  It is so vital to know our history, personally and as a part of the global community we live in.  Without it we are bound to follow in the worst of the footsteps that went before us as we fail to learn from the experiences, and mistakes, of others.Warmest regards, ...more

Downloading Dad: Searching for Black History

When my father, age 91, told me a few weeks ago that a woman, born Augustine Lemieux Stevens (a.k.a. Gussie), had died, I shuddered for moment in a spasm of grief. I grieved not because I knew Ms. Gussie but because I did not know her....more