Reflecting On 53!

I turned 53 today! Honestly, I never imagined me at this age and I'm not quite sure how it should be, so I'm listening to my soul because it always knows what to do....more

Inspiring and advocating for women living with HIV in Kazakhstan

In the face of quickly rising rates of HIV infection in Central Asia, UN Women is supporting a network of women living with HIV in Kazakhstan and increasing their role in decision-making. ...more
Turkmenchilik Agreemore

Researchers Create a Smartphone App Capable of Detecting HIV in 15 Minutes

They say technology can do wonders. Well, researchers from the Columbia University have developed a smartphone app capable of detecting sexually transmitted diseases (STDS). The dongle which is usually plugged into a smart phone is capable of detecting for HIV and syphilis in just 15 minutes. This is a great breakthrough in medical science as people can now test for those serious STDs from the comfort of their homes, privately....more

More Than My Vagina!

RLT Collection! Sophie Collection!

I designed the Sophie Collection in memory of my Poodle Sophie who lost her battle with Liver Cancer July 1, 2014. Sophie was full of life and made a imprint on the hearts of everyone she encountered....more

Blogging For Social Change!

Tackling Grief....