Is Viagra Putting Women at Higher Risk for STDs and HIV?

Is living in the age of Viagra a good thing or a bad thing for women? When it comes to STDs, it seems to be a bad thing.  We are hearing a lot about the new study finding an increase of STDs in older men who use medications for erectile dysfunction (like Viagra). What we haven't heard a lot about, is how this affects women (particularly older women). ...more

I've been waiting for somewhere i can vent about this subject.
I hate all those E/D ...more

(VIDEO) First National HIV/AIDS Strategy - High on Social Media, Low on Money

The Obama administration unveiled the first National HIV/AIDS Strategy (pdf) to mixed reviews. Having a strategy is good. But is this the right strategy? ...more

It makes for a super soundbite but there's no power behind it.

BlogHer Community ...more

(VIDEO) National HIV Testing Day: What You Need to Know Now

1.1 million Americans are living with HIV, and 21 percent of us don't know we've been infected. That's 52,000+ people who don't know they have HIV and 50,000 people who could be spreading the virus without ever knowing it. Don't be one of those 52,000+ people. Get tested! ...more

Sex As a Deadly Weapon

Victims of Philippe Padieu, a Frisco network security analyst who knowingly infected women with HIV, will speak out today on Oprah....more

Raising HIV/AIDS Awareness

Did you know that one in four Americans living with HIV are women?  It's true.  HIV/AIDS is affecting more and more women, specifically African American women.  It's actually become the leading cause of death in African American women between the ages of 25-34. Women and HIV/AIDS......more

I'm glad that you have posted about the importance of HIV/AIDS awareness for women. While gay ...more

A Brother, Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day

by Alexsandra Stewart   ...more

Free Food

Visit the Click and Give Website and add a widget to your blog, website, or lens to help feed hungry people and animals, help with HIV, the rainforest or breast cancer for FREE at: from my home blog at:  ...more

Mid-Life Women Contracting HIV: The Hidden Epidemic

You try to look at the bright side at mid-life, to find the silver lining.  Okay, you say, so I occasionally sweat profusely for no apparent reason, I'm moodier than ever and I can't seem to remember s _ _ _ , but at least I don't have to worry about those damned condoms anymore!   Get out the Kama Sutra and squeeze into some lingerie, it's party time!  Heck,  menopause hasn't given you much to smile about besides worry free sex, so make the most of it, right?  Sexual freedom at last!  No chance of getting pregnant, no worries?  ...more

International Women's Day

On International Women’s Day, women around the world join together in ...more

World AIDS Day 2008

I'm tired of blogging about World Aids Day. Every year, I put it on my "to be blogged" calendar and every year I do it. And every year I think to myself, "Next year, I'll have some good news about AIDS/HIV to blog about for World AIDS Day." And every year, I have no good news. ...more

Just to add...there's a phenomenal beautiful 'visual' prayer in Boston's South the ...more