Purpose Over Pride!

I'm so excited that I haven't been able to sleep for the last few nights! I'm headed to the largest and most powerful Blogger's Conference in the country, Blog Her.  I missed the International AIDS Conference because I couldn't afford it. Registration was $975.00, not including travel and hotel. I was sitting around last week all sad, then I thought about missing BlogHer12 too and gloom set in....more

Are You Ready for the Future of Safer Sex?

You're not thinking about safe sex at that moment, and unless neither one of you happen to have a condom handy, this won't even come up as a topic for discussion. And maybe that's the problem. Accidents happen, and even when they don't, some sexually transmitted illnesses can still get by despite protection. But what's the alternative? Letting him take off his jacket, offering white or red and then asking him to detail his sexual history? The last time he got tested? ...more
There is this emerging trend in managing your sexual health online! There's quite a few apps, ...more

How Much Do You Know About HIV?

A week ago, Magic Johnson commemorated the 20-year mark since his HIV diagnosis. On November 07, 1991, he stepped up to a podium in Inglewood, California, surrounded by photographers and journalists and announced that he would be retiring from the National Basketball Association after testing positive for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. ...more

Magic Johnson: 20 Years With HIV

I was in the fifth grade when the news came out. I knew every member of the Lakers by name, position, and number. Magic Johnson, point guard (and general jack of all awesomeness) number 32, had AIDS. Which meant he was pretty much dead, right?...more
I'm glad Magic is still alive, well and kicking. He has been doing great things in our ...more

Slumber Party From Hell

I remember a sleep over ages ago. My parents had gone out of town for the night because my sister insisted on taking me overnight. I guess their whole plan focused around the fact that I would be gone for a good 18 hours.  Doesn't seem like a long time, but it was eternity for me. Sissy picked me up from school that day, and I felt like the coolest kid on the block. I had my big sister picking me up in her car! ...more

We Called Her Sissy

We called her Sissy, at least that is the name that stuck to her like her healthy image sticks to my mind. What used to be, and how I forever want to remember her. When I was born she was a teen, and for a little hint of time she loved me enough to stay in the house.  But I was the only person keeping her there. ...more

Her Story...

It sounds like a vague title but the meaning couldn't be any deeper in my life. I am just the voice behind the tale, but the life in question is that of my older sister. An older sibling who fled home at fifteen years old right after I was born almost three decades ago. Writing without a name attached to me has become an outlet for the emotions life has handed me in these difficult days. A life that has withstood disease, heartbreak, and more near death experiences than Evil Kenevil. An amazing person with a troubled soul. A wife, mother, pathological liar... ...more

SEX NEWS: Penis Size, Cuddling, a Pill to Prevent HIV Transmission

This month has brought us all kinds of interesting news and the sex front is no different. Here is a quick roundup of some interesting research and news stories about health and sexuality that crossed our radar. Photos by Alex Barth and Nick McGlynn. ...more

Rock the Red Pump: Women & Children HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Add Some Color to Your Wardrobe I'm going to make selecting your outfit for tomorrow a little bit easie...more

Getting Emotional Over Stem Cells (UPDATED After Claims of an HIV Cure)

Editor's Update: Researchers report an HIV-positive man known as "the Berlin Patient" is believed to be cured of his HIV infection due to a stem-cell transplant he received in 2007. Though the patient's circumstances are unusual, this claim of a medical breakthrough got us thinking a lot about Erin's very heartfelt take on stem cell research from last year. What's your take on the news and the research? Has it changed since last year? ...more

In fact, this patient's HIV cure was from donated stem cells, not embryonic.

So this update ...more