Living with a Collector

My husband is a collector, which he is quick to point out, is very different from a hoarder. I, on the contrary, have spent my life abiding by the motto, “clutter in your house is clutter in your life.” According to my husband, clutter is not a black and white issue, there are gradients of clutter, just like there are variations of shades of gray....more


“I am a hoarder!” that is what I asked my child when she said that it was just too much stuff in the basement.Those words are hard for anyone to say, but I had to say it and say it loud. I can tell you honestly that I have almost every toy my two children have received from birthdays, Christmas, Easter, kids’ meal and being good at the doctor’s office....more

Would You Buy a Hoarder House? The Latest Episodes of Property Sluts

"Would you buy  the hoarder house?" my Realtor asked, noting that the owner was very motivated to sell.Would you?See what my blog friends have to say about taking on someone's big mess in the latest episode of my not-ready-for-HGTV vlog series, Property Sluts....more

(CHART) Spring Cleaning: How to Throw Things Away

I typically hate spring cleaning, and starting in March I begin to groan as I think about it. Then, as the weather warms and we slide into April, I find myself noticing winter cobwebs more and more until something snaps and I go on a cleaning binge for a week, working room by room, until everything is completely clean and fresh again. This time it took me a little longer with my gimpy leg, but after two weeks of work the house feels great. The yard is raked, my flower beds are clean and sprouting and all that's left is to weed out the dead canes from my raspberries. Happiness is a clean house. ...more
I have very little house 864 feet, and a very messy man. He loves to keep paperwork. I like to ...more