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Resolution: De-Hoard My Life

 My name is Joan and I am a hoarder.   Both my parents had what I, a layperson--but an expert on those two--would diagnose as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (although we didn’t call it that in the olden days.)  My mother would stack neatly ironed handkerchiefs in a bureau drawer....more
Good Luck!  How have the first few months been for you?more

How to Tell That Your Mom’s a Covert Hoarder, Or: Anyone for Comet Vinaigrette?

If your mother has lots of containers to store leftovers, yet ironically, keeps no food in the house and appears to subsist on biscotti and rice crackers dipped in whitefish salad, she might be a covert hoarder. ...more
@alexandraRS um... no... SHE's the best. Everybody? A show of hands for The Empress? Now for ...more

Parenting Lessons Learned from Hoarders (or, How Not to Raise a Little Hoarder)

Danica would get the 1-2-3 count for escalating incidents of bad behavior. At "3", a toy would be confiscated and either donated or thrown in the garbage. I can't adequately describe for you the state of pain and fury this brought upon my girl. And then, one night this summer, I looked up from my bowl of greasy popcorn at the horrors unfolding on Hoarders. I saw an adult standing in the one remaining square foot of carpet in a room packed full of filth and TOYS, and very nearly vomited. He said, "My parents always took my toys away. Now I can have as many as I want."...more
You are so welcome! My daughter loves to collect stuff, so helping her stay organized and make ...more


If you are urinatinginto old juice bottlesplease tell usso we can zoom inon the full bottles we will give you access tolicensed mental health professionalsif you let us film youcrying, raging, picking your wayacross the pilesyou have madeinto your worldunable to throw awayrotting squash cue the fliesfor their closeup ...more

My Secret Hoarding Place

Truth time.Y'all know about My Secret Hiding Place.  Yeah, I was happy to have that little corner of heaven splashed all over Good Housekeeping Magazine.  But it sort of begs the question, what am I hiding from?Well, when more than one friend asks pointedly if I've ever watched the show "Hoarders", when a...more