It is funny how many people say…                                “When life gives you lemons, make lemon aide”                My question is…“What if those lemons were in the back of the refrigerator for over a month and the skin is so hard you can’t cut through”...more

I've Fallen

As a hoarder things can get a bit tricky when it comes down to wanting new thing. If you remember I got rid of a lot of things in an effort to clear up my mind and my house. I have also told you that this hoarding travel throughout my family. Please tell me why when my feelings get hurt I pack things away.My mother has been in and out of the hospital several times since I’ve started this blog. I must ask your forgiveness when you come to this page and don’t see a new posting from me. It could only mean two things. Mom is sick or something major has happened in the family....more

It's Just Junk?

 It is hard to say what some of this stuff is. I’m looking at papers from a job I had over ten years ago and things I just can’t explain. Take for example the Window 95 CD that I bought from Sam’s Club to help my children out with their homework and study time. I also found some computer programs I got from the dollar store that I thought I could use to help me with a few businesses I wanted to start up that now are really useless. ...more


It’s hard to say how things are going to turn out. I spent the night in the hospital with my mother and then I went to work. The days of taking care of her have come more upon us. I can say that I miss hearing her voice calling out to me, telling me what to do and how to do it. My mind is riddled with questions on many things. Was I a good daughter? Did I take care of her the way I should have? Did I tell her that I loved her enough so that she understood that I did lover her? My mother is in her bed sleeping her days away and giving us little signs that she is still with us....more

It's there!

 I took a long walk through my local “Home Goods” store and fell in love with everything. But if it didn’t cost ten dollars (all I had on me) I was not going to get it. Well… I had to get something to eat so all bets were off). I saw a beautiful blue bench, tall wooden shelves and pretty pink things that I can no longer place in my daughter’s room....more

My Mind

It has been a rough week and my hoarding senses are tingling. My mother’s illness is getting worst and we all know that there is no cure to make her better. As a family we have always been one tight knit sweater, but now we are unraveling.I have thrown myself into getting rid of so much that I have lost the main purpose of why I was doing it. I wanted to clear out my home as well as clear out my mind. But with each bag full of trash I found it harder and harder to clear my mind during this time of trouble....more

Move it or sell it

In the past, I may have told you how my sisters and I have tried our hands at several businesses. Our proudest endeavor was the adult toy party business. That was when we invited people over to look and to sample many of the treats we had available. When we were at the height of our business we placed everything to show and sell into two large pink back to college trunks. We hauled everything to the clients’ house so they could have a smack down, roll over and pee in their pants good time. Oh what fun we had drinking, laughing, touching, smelling and selling....more


 I’ve done something wrong. At least for a hoarder like me, I’ve done something wrong. My sister has found out that I’ve started getting rid of my hoard and she had joined in. Her daughter, on the other hand if very happy. Between the two of them they have gather, given and got rid of a lot of her stuff.My wrong came when she offered me a pair of pink shoes. PINK! OK, I’ve had pink shoes before but these shoes matched a pink coat she gave me. So I had to take them. As I was walking out the door I was offered a laptop bag, a few bracelets, and a surprise....more

Just a Little longer

 Don’t take this the wrong way but I need to paint the walls, clean the carpet, and clear out the air vents. I didn’t know that all of this comes with getting a house. I understood the taxes, cutting the grass and paying the mortgage, but as a hoarder, I want to scream.I got most of the stuff out of my house but there is still a lot more. The house that at one time seemed so large is now closing in on me. Two kids, two dogs and two floors of their stuff.I have to get rid of this excess but the thing is, I don’t know what it is?...more

And Yet

Throughout the process of decluttering my home, I’ve found that I have too much stuff. It is mainly stuff that I do not use.Take this for an example. I have a large entertainment center that is taking up at least 2/3 of a wall in my living room.The 29 inch non flat screen television has not been used on the regular. I’ve only started using it to get out of my bedroom to watch my VHS collection. The entertainment center has two tower speakers and a CD/radio/ cassette stereo. (Which by the way hasn’t been used in five years)...more