Spending too much time alone

Like most parents, sometimes I just want to be left alone. You know, just for a few minutes. Long enough to read a few emails, or take a bath or write a blog post. But, I think most parents wish to be left alone because we all know that it is a short-term situation. Eventually, we will be surrounded by loud noises and chaos and faces with peanut butter on them....more

Are Pet Fishes Right for Your Family??

Hello Everyone!! I'm so sorry we have not posted anything lately.  It has been an eventful couple of weeks.   If you follow us on Facebook than you already know that Ms. Bree was sick again last week.  To add to my already stressed week, my dear hubby had to have surgery as well.   ...more

7 Ways to Spend Your Leisure Time Productively

Holidays are over. No more marathon-sleep or fun trip around town. We’re back to the usual hectic days at work, and we now have to shuffle our time between many things.But hey, no matter how hectic your day can be, some free times will open up in between which you can quickly use to get some things done.So if you’re wondering how to spend those free times productively, here’s a list of 7 refreshing activities you might want to consider.1. Learn new things...more

Telling tales at home

I'm big on people having hobbies. Things that they enjoy outside of work and parenthood. They provide great examples of "parents are people too" to our children (or grandchildren). And hopefully these hobbies are activities which can be shared with little ones as they get older....more

The Many Seasons Of My Marriage

     I find myself ruled not by a calendar – at least not the Gregorian, Solar or Lunar.  Instead my life revolves around seasons: Big Game, Small Game, Dove, Woodcock, Snipe, Rail, September Goose & September Teal, Waterfowl, Furbearers.  Shotgun, .22 Rifle, Blackpowder, Muzzleloading. Fishing, Bowfish and Bowhunt....more

Doing What You Love: Myth or Worthwhile Dream?

Do you do what you love and get paid for it? There's the big dream of "do what you love and the money will follow". How realistic is it? Is getting paid for what you love a myth? A dream worth following? Here's a post that takes a little different slant to this age old question. ...more
Not a myth but you need to prepare and plan for how you're going to do it. Sometimes it means ...more

The phrase "working mother" is redundant. ~Jane Sellman

The phrase "working mother" is redundant. ~Jane Sellman Moms, isn't this the truth? We work, work, work, whether it's in the home, in our career, or in both places full-time! It's always full-time. We were snowed in last week, school was shut down, offices were closed, and all we could do was be home together. That was awesome, of course!! However, I realized on the day I returned to work, that I was actually getting a break! Ha ha.  I attended a women's gathering at church last night....more

What's On Your Bookshelf?

I haven't been reading much lately, but I thought posting a picture of the books on my bookshelf would remind me of my goal. Reading all the books I own. I made a fairly good dent over the summer, but now that fall is fast approaching I want to make sure I stay on track. Do you have any of these books? Are they on your reading list?...more

Love Memoir's of a Geisha.

The book is way better than the movie, as is usually the case ...more

New Scrapbooking Site and Blog

Hello again everyone,I just updated more information on my profile, including the links for my site and my other blog. It is all about making new friends and sharing my creativity... hihihi...On my website, you will find a link to download the alpha series I designed for scrapbooking, so please feel free to go and visit my site where you can download them for free.Thanks again for your interest in my work and please feel free to send me your comments and your suggestions.Bye for now, ...more