Hobby Lobby Should Have Lost

I'm pissed. I'm not calm. I'm not relaxed. My arguments are reasoned, my points are true, but I am incensed and there's going to be sarcasm ahead....more

What does "corporations are people" actually mean?

In light of the recent SCOTUS ruling on Hobby Lobby and other corporate giants being allowed to deny women birth control within their health coverage plans because it goes against their religious beliefs, I thought a primer on the laws surrounding corporations as people was in order....more

Slightly confused as to how this works LOL

I'm not certain how this works, but I am hoping that I am doing it right  LOL I have a regular blog, and I thought that I might be able to copy and paste posts over here.  But apparently, I can't.  Sooooo, I am going to have to figure something out  LOL I wanna see how this posting thing works here, and then go from there. Thanks! ...more