Another Side to the Hobby Lobby Verdict

I’m going to chime in on the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby ruling because  it’s my job to put my spin on todays hot topics, plus I know you are dying to hear my perspective.Maybe.But probably my take is just going to piss you off....more

Religious Freedom? Hobby Lobby's or Mine?

As most everyone has already heard, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that a closely-held corporation can refuse to cover contraception in their healthcare plans for religious reasons. Some people are cheering and some are outraged. I am outraged....more

Hobby Lobby Hypocrites

As you all have doubtless heard, the SCOTUS recently found in favor of Hobby Lobby in Sebelius v/s Hobby Lobby. In a nutshell, Hobby Lobby can now offer health insurances that does not cover women’s contraceptives. ...more

Supreme Mistake by Court

The Supreme Court just made a supreme mistake:  They decided employers don't have to pay for birth control....more

Why It's More Important Than Ever to Defend Reproductive Rights

In a move that surprised almost no one, the Supreme Court decided Monday that Hobby Lobby, a corporate entity, can somehow claim that paying for contraception for its employees violates its (the corporation's) religious sensibilities. This comes on top of last week's Supreme Court decision to strike down the Massachusetts law that kept abortion protesters a decent distance from patients entering and leaving abortion clinics....more
Absolutely, Ericamore

Hobby Lobby is Right

With the very recent Supreme Court ruling on the Hobby Lobby case has come an uproar, an outrage over the result.  But these folks are in an uproar in large part over misinformation.  All the outcry, Facebooks posts, and news stories are screaming loud and long that Hobby Lobby has refused to pay for any and all female contraception.  Untrue....more
Contraception choices belong to a woman and her doctor. Period. No one can impose his/her ...more