Digging the Dirt: Is Growing Your Own Economical?

Is growing your own vegetables economical? With many families starting new victory gardens this year, the question is timely. Michael Tortorello analyzed the costs/value of his new garden this year and his conclusion: based only on a cost/savings analysis, growing your own is anything but a money-saving hobby.  ...more

I don't have a backyard yet, but I received an indoor gardening contraption for ...more

New Ways to Make Money

Five months ago after losing her job, 38 year old Amy was advised to try part-time consulting while searching for a full time job. But Amy, a successful and driven marketing executive, resisted for fear that consulting would tarnish her resume in the long run. What followed was four months of relentless job searching until she decided to pitch all her old clients. ...more

Are You Starting a Business or Making Some Money from a Hobby?

I recently wrote about how many people who don't have a job are starting a business because the recession is a great time to get started. However, there's more to starting a business (at least if you don't want to be one of the many small businesses that have been closing up shop) than just hanging out the proverbial shingle. ...more

Angel Kisses Puzzle

Thursday, April 2, 2009 Angel Kisses Puzzle ...more

Looking for Someone Who Wants to Review Adventure Books

I need some help. I have a blog for women who want to add a little fun and adventure to their lives (Adventurous Women Blog). I've been hoping to add reviews of adventure books but it's tough to find the extra time. So, I'm calling out to all the book lovers among you to see if anyone would like to start a new hobby as a highly-paid (not!) book critic.  If so, send me a paragraph about your favorite book (any book)... ...more