Sibling rivals between adults?

 In addition to everyday schedules to stick to, accidents, deaths, debts and happiness, there is still something missing.  Drama maybe one, greed, total attention and jealousy play an important role in this situation.  Some have it more than others but is this root of all evil? They say family are the worse to deal business with but what about growing up, maturing, not being so judgmental. There is no one on this earth that can totally say they are perfect because there is no such thing....more
Hi Poor Ole Mime, Have you decided on a tattoo yet?  I am looking for one as well.  I am adult ...more

Happy Grudges

I hold grudges. Big, nasty, persistent grudges. My grudges last years, not months, if they end at all. My grudges are like herpes.Now, you're probably thinking one of two things:1. This chick needs therapy. (Who holds grudges like that?) or,2. This chick is crazy. ( Who admits to holding grudges like that?)...more