The Break is OVER

Although many of you can say that you have been back in school for a few weeks, I, thankfully, have only been back for ONE week :) Thus, I apologize for my long hiatus from blogging. My Christmas break was exceptionally long and much needed (including from blogging). So, I will very hesitatingly say, good to be back in class, with a schedule, getting this last semester out the way.I know my Christmas holidays are always focused on family and work, and friends of course. I work my butt off. Did any of ya'll work? If so, where? What did ya'll do for your Christmas break?...more

Six Stealthy Ways to Keep Holiday Gifts Out of the Landfill

Love the holiday gifter but hate the gift -- and maybe even temporarily love the gifter a little less due to the hideousness of the "gift" you got? We've all got our horror gift stories -- but we need not jettison the unwearables and unusables and unlook-at-ables into the landfill. Here's how to turn those abominations into new admirable gifts and creative endeavors, reducing waste while having a little fun: ...more

I actually didn't receive anything ugly -- however I do receive things I don't really need ...more

Happy New Year or Whatever.

It's 2010. (in Australia. We still have a few more hours of CrapFest '09 here in the You Ess Of Ayyyyyyyy) Hip hip hooray. My New Year SUGGESTIONS: 1. I am going to be way less tolerant of bullshit. 2. Yeah, that's it. That's all I've got. UPDATE: I am adding two suggestions that I have stolen from Finn and Domestic Spaz: ...more

Home For The Holidays: A Guide To Keeping It Hot

Happy Holidays!...more

Memories of Christmas With MawMaw, Or: Miss Nellie Drops Her Drawers

by Billie BrownMy great grandmother, Nellie Wall Holsey, may well have been the world’s first re-gifter. Way back in the early 1950s, she was infamous within the family and the little community she lived in – Hardwick, Ga., an outpost of Milledgeville – for squirreling away presents and bringing them back out, rewrapped, for another occasion....more

The Week Before Christmas: BlogHer Version

with apologies to CC MooreTwas the week before Christmas and all through the ‘netThe only thing stirring was a Zhu Zhu pet.Elisa and Erin just back from DCSharing BlogHer perspective on policy.Bloggers continued to shop, just a bit lessAnd Rita invited us to share our mess....more

It did!!! Hahaha! :)


Nine Ways To Beat Holiday Stress

Check out this interview we did on Momlogic with Lisa Sharkey:Last-minute shopping and meal planning making you reach for that candy bar and Diet Coke?...more

A Pat Pause Before Christmas

by Laura Baudo Sillerman ‘Tis the week of the season when we often allow the lists to dominate and permit anxiety the role of dominant feeling. More put-upon than under the spell of what we once believed to be magical, we wake with worry that we haven’t done enough and disbelief that the date is so late. Today though, we must pause. We must stop to remember that on this day a miracle occurred in the far-off land of Kentucky. Patricia Allen, publisher of Women's Voices For Change was born....more

Chic Handmade Gifts Upcycled From the Dumpster

Shopping handmade for the holidays has gotten really easy thanks to Etsy -- so up the ante and get handmade gifts that are also crafted by women from upcycled materials! While you may not be a fan of your grandma's holiday sweaters, green girls with style are handmaking gifts that are as beautiful as they are unique and eco-friendly. A few to consider: ...more

there are really fashionable and cute items that can be found in recycled objects.


I Need a Slow Holiday (Do You?)

I don't know about you, but my life has been moving at a breakneck pace this month. Every year I tell myself, "I'm not going to get stressed out about the holidays," but inevitably I do....more

Bayleigh - I'm glad you liked that idea too.  I can't think of how many times someone ...more