How to Prepare for the Best St. Patrick's Day Ever

Perhaps only because I love the color green, but St. Patrick's Day is a fun little holiday, isn't it? We don't do anything for St. Patrick's Day other than wear some green, throw a festive print or two up around the house, eat shepherd's pie and drink green beer (or milk if you're either a toddler or gestating.)...more

Valentine's Brunch Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Have you planned out your day?  I see Valentine’s Day as going one of three ways:...more

MM - Misery Monday

[NOTE - I posted this on my blog yesterday, but fell asleep on my keyboard before I copied it over here...*grin*]This brief Monday blurb brought to you by DayQuil, Kleenex, Tums, Ritz Crackers, and Halls cough drops (gee, maybe I should get one of them to sponsor my blog). If you hadn't guessed, Santa brought germs as an extra early gift for our household.Still, it could be much worse, so my whiny blog title notwithstanding, I'll quit bellyaching about my bellyache, and leave this here to remind me of the truly important things this holiday season....more

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Why Hanukkah Shouldn't Compete With Christmas

The pressure to compete started early again this year, despite the fact that Hanukkah itself is starting later, not on Thanksgiving day as it did in 2013. ...more
RT cherylstober: Sharing once more for the last night: Why Hanukkah Can’t Compete with ...more

Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cake

There are a few flavors that scream HOLIDAY; pumpkin, peppermint and gingerbread. Well, I’m completely pumpkined out, just about over peppermint, so now it’s time to overdose on gingerbread and what better way to start the season then fresh baked Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cake....more

Holiday Baking: Homemade Chex Mix

his is a recipe that is made over and over in our home – New Jersey & Chicago.  The recipe for my grandmother’s Chex Mix – Dill Nibbles.  It is absolutely irresistible and I can guarantee you will have problems keeping your hands out of the bowl…Whenever we have this made in our home, all you hear when someone snacking is “Get these away from me!  I can’t stop eating them… I have to walk away”.  I promise, you’ll feel the same way....more

Try It Tuesday...DIY Latte


Thanksgiving, You're Doing It Wrong

Late last night I did a reblog and I'm not sure how to cross post that so here is the link.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone. is a crooked and varied path.  Get on it. ...more

Day 24 NaBloPoMo; I almost said forget it.

I've worked so hard on finalizing my third little commuter read on "Goodness" that I almost said, FORGET it.  I'm not POSTING today.  Until I remembered some tidbits my husband found this morning.  He always finds the most fascinating things.  He's the one that should have a blog to archive this stuff and share.  Neatorama is one of his resources and today they posted some things about pilgrims in America.  Enjoy!   Happy NaMo Everyone!...more