Day 10 NaBloPoMo; Reading Monday

Today is Reading Monday, where I read and comment on what other people posted for the week.  Plus, I start formatting my next book, Goodness.  Additionally, I have to clean the oven before Thanksgiving.  I cooked a pizza last night and smoked billowed out as the collections of drippings from former use burn to crispy flakes.  The pizza looked appealing, it tasted good, barring that every time I took a bite I could smell smoke as if it were an ingredient added to the pizza.   Maybe if it was salmon, carp, or a roast.  ...more

This Holiday Visit a New City

The weather outside is turning frightful, so it’s time to start thinking about heading somewhere warmer, or at least somewhere more interesting, for the holiday season. While sitting around the fire at home can be an awesome experience, it’s also a good time to check a destination or two off your travel bucket list. Here are just a few of our favorites:...more

4th of July Home Decor

Sheesh! Mallory and I have not been seeing eye to eye these past few days. She has a particular schedule in mind that looks nothing like the one I plan out in my head. She has won this week's battle, but she will not win the war!  Anyway. I LOVE the fourth of July! I mean hello, I am an American and damn proud to be one....more

The bay.

Warm and windy.It is always windy here.But that is part of the draw.  Never too hot or humid.The wind makes sure of that.  The perfect summer holiday location. ...more
Oh that bathroom was the worst.  The kids were terrified! hamore

Gluten-Free Stuffing with Udi's Bagels

Although I was never really a fan of stuffing before being diagnosed with Celiac, now that I can't have it, I kind of want it. I began formulating ways to make it gluten-free without too much of a hassle, since preparing a Thanksgiving feast can be quite time consuming anyway.After some contemplation  I thought up the idea for using Udi's Mighty Bagels. ...more

Why Baking from “Scratch” is Key this Holiday Season

I know that it seems like our weekends are filled with holiday parties with friends, family, or at work.  On top of that there is shopping to do, possible holiday travel to plan, and the list goes on and on.  But, inevitably, there will be some cooking or baking that you need to do either as a guest or a host, and I know with limited time it seems like purchasing pre-made or ready to be made (i.e. pre-made mixes) are the winners choice, but are they really?Just some food for thought (pun totally intended):...more

Chocolate Orange Sandwich Cookies

Chocolate Orange Sandwich CookiesThese Chocolate Sandwich Cookies are like Oreos with a Twist!  A Tart drop of Orange Marmalade is nestled within the sweet Vanilla Crème Filling.  It's a Citrusy Surprise that complements the Deep Chocolate Cookie so Beautifully.I had the best of intentions when i...more

December Exercise Challenge: Beat the Holiday Weight Gain!

This exercise challenge was created to beat the holiday bulge, strengthen your core muscles, keep working and improving leg strength, and increase upper body strength.  It is a mixture of exercises that will help us ladies feel good and look good! And every time you want to swear at me for making you do a push up, think about the fact that you are tightening your pecs and helping to keep your upper body nice and toned and perky!!  Join me, get mad at me, and show me up by getting fit and healthy and preventing the holiday weight gain!!...more

Mother Gerry’s Holiday Chex Mix

It’s here; the holiday season is here! As my family can attest, I love the holidays—everything from the TV specials, the music, food, decorations and, yes, even all of the family time—I love it! This past Thanksgiving weekend, Nathan and I came home early on Sunday so the tree and decorations could be put up immediately. While decorating, I also had to make one of my mom’s staple holiday foods, Chex Mix. I remember my mom, aka Mother Gerry, making a giant bowl of this stuff and we would pick at it all through the season. I know everyone thinks their mom is the best cook, but my mom really is. ...more
Lorena 's Haldecrack Chex Mix

Christmas Shopping for Your Geek