*Home decor holiday*

 Holiday home decor knitting patterns all free by Red Heart all links and pattern information at sanderellas1.comEnjoyHave a beautiful day! ...more

*Christmas crochet ornaments free patterns*

Good Morning! I have some free crochet Christmas/Holiday ornaments, all crochet, all free patterns for your consideration.Christmas will be here before we know it!  Get a head start, and if you like your home to reflect handmade, I think this is a lovely collection to get started with! I have a few more Christmas/Holiday collections coming up in just a day or so, and this is the first of the Merry Chistmas collection. ...more


 NaBloPoMo  Sorry so late with my post today, I nearly forgot, but think there is still some time this evening to share with everyone.....My favorite holiday pie is pumpkin! I wish I had a family recipe to share with you, we never did as growing up make homemade pies, however both of my grandmothers did and unfortunately no recipes handed down on pies....more

National Hispanic Heritage Month

 The Hispanic culture has been a major part of America long before the British Settlers came. The first reconition to this great race was given by President Lyndon Johnson when he made September 15 (Central America's Independence Day) the start of Hispanic Heritage week. In 1988, President Ronald Regan extended the celebration thur October 15th to include Columbus Day (Dia de la Raza). The United States takes this time of year to honor the Hispanics (past and present) that have contributed to our society. A few are listed below....more

It's Confederate Memorial Day and I Have Zero Damns to Give

Happy Confederate Memorial Day!*crickets*...more

10 St. Patrick’s Day Picture Books for Your Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner. Here are 10 terrific St. Patrick’s Day books your kids are sure to love. ...more
I went digging and found two of them. I know we have ONE MORE, but I can't find it. :(more

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Are you making a mad dash to the mall today? Picking up some last minute gifts? I wish you all the strength you'll need. If this is your first Christmas post divorce, I wish you even more strength. I've tweaked a classis Christmas poem for the divorcee to put a little smile on your face.  Stop by and have a read. Merry Christmas to all the talented BlogHer writers :)http://www.lisathomsonlive.com/twas-the-night-before-christmas/...more

If George Costanza was on Facebook

My dear friend had her annual holiday tea at the Peninsula Hotel yesterday. It was our usual time to "catch up" with a two-hour year-in-review before we all ran off to our respective family winter breaks. Of course there was the required group picture in front of the Christmas tree, and, of course, the shot was posted on Facebook....more

The Sensory Santa

Waiting at Christmas: Keeping the Bittnerness at Bay

The holidays are the hardest to be without a child. Last Christmas I thought, "We will for sure have a child by then!" And we didn't. Christmas morning felt a little empty. Being around relatives with young children was painful for both of us. I thought, "Thank goodness I will never have to do this again." Well, it turns out that God has other plans for us. I don't know what they are, but part of it is that we will probably, most likely, have another Christmas with no child....more
There are tons of kids in foster homes waiting for a permanent family. You should look into ...more