Gingerbread Brownies

Who doesn’t love gingerbread during the holiday season? Enjoy that festive flavor in these tender gingerbread brownies....more

Pre-Fab? Fabulous!

Each year I love celebrating the holidays by becoming Martha Stewart, Super-Mom.  I make cookies, fudge, pies, and desserts.  I wrap all the presents in matching wrapping paper and make my own bows, usually something different every time.  When I was literally 8 1/2 months pregnant and going into early labor, I made about 30 personalized salt dough ornaments that doubled as gift tags on the presents.  I always bring my neighbors packages of goodies.  I donate to the less fortunate.  I buy everyone a gift....more

Holiday French Macarons

Getting Ready to lauch the holiday line of French Macarons:Christmas CookieGingerbreadPeppermint BarkCaramel Apple    ...more

Orange Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

What's my favorite part of the holidays? The food, family, friends and the holiday parties of course! And would there be any holiday parties without the food? The more I become acquainted with food, the more I come to realize how much it has to offer. Not only does it give us the constant nourishment we need to live our daily lives but it brings us together. It builds friendships. It also opens a world of opportunity to experiment with exciting flavors and try new recipes. That's one thing I love about food, it never has to be boring and there are limitless combinations of what can be created. ...more

To Bake or Not to Bake: That is a question

The Christmas season is heading into full speed.  Which means one thing  (well, ok - several things - but we're going to focus on one here): holiday baking time! The thing is...  I'm ju...more

Pumpkin Granola and a Little Help.

It's Pie!

Pomegranate Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies

Are you all as bake exchange-crazy as me?  ...more

Holiday Candied Pecans


14 Days of Chocolate, Day 5: Buns in My Oven's Biscuits and Chocolate Gravy

For Day 5 of 14 Days of Chocolate: Karly from Buns in My Oven shares her recipe for Biscuits and Chocolate Gravy. ...more

I run a small family restaurant, one of my friends gave me the recipe for chocolate gravy, my ...more