Holiday Manicures: Choosing the Right Red!

Hey there nail enthusiasts! Over Thanksgiving my mom was asking me her usual question... Are there any new red polishes i'd suggest she try? So i decided to try a few on her to compare and thought it'd be great to show you all in case you're asking yourself the same question! Just so you know.....more

Simple Yet Bold Holiday Nails

As a self-confessed nail polish addict (over 120 bottles, anyone?) I absolutely adore the nail art trend that is taking place right now!! However, I don't have a steady hand, so I can hardly paint my nail polish on without getting it on my fingers, let alone stencil pictures and lines on my nails. I am also a bit impatient, so while I like bold statement nails, I like to err on the side of simplicity as well. Attaining simple, yet stylish, holiday nails only requires a few steps and tweaks that I hope you will be willing to try. ...more
Love this!!!more