My Holiday Card List Is Too Long

Dear Mouthy Housewives,When exactly do you stop sending people holiday cards?I keep going through names of people I literally haven’t spoken to in years and wonder why the heck we still send each other cards?  But if I receive one from them, I think I have to reciprocate.  And those cards are expensive!  And then there are the new people.  I’ve started receiving some from my daughter's new preschool class, and I had no intention of sending any of them a card — but do I have to now?  This is out-of-control and exhausting!Signed,...more
We were up to 120 at one point; I have it down to just under 90 now. I still have people who ...more

You Never Know When You’re Going to Get the Perfect Picture

It’s Thanksgiving, and you know what that means.  No, I’m not talking about food, although the holiday does mean being thankful, and it does include turkey, dressing and pie.  For me and Hubby, Thanksgiving means we have to buckle down and finalize our Christmas card....more

The Christmas Card Crunch

My pals at the North Grafton post office received me with hoots of derision when I walked in on Tuesday holding 150 Christmas cards all stamped and ready to go.  “Not already—you’re early this year!” They remember well the several past years when I’ve sent out my cards AFTER Christmas, referring to them hopefully as “New Year’s cards”. ...more

Momathon finds: Tiny Prints holiday cards are a sanity saver and on sale!

If you are like me, getting holiday cards out on time rarely happens. I always find an excuse to delay this project because ordering cards can be a pain. This year if you want to save time and save your sanity, check out one of my new favorite online stationery stores, Tiny Prints. The personalized stationery uses eco-friendly paper. One of the best parts of this store is their customer service--the design staff is dedicated to make your cards look wonderful....more

Social Media Killed the Holiday Card?

I used to send out holiday cards every year, religiously. Friends and family were far-flung, and the once-a-year opportunity to reach out, to wish them well, to show off my kids (yeah, I said it), and to check in, was something I relished. It was a ritual I looked forward to, and as the cards started arriving from folks in the mail I was always pleased to know I'd reciprocated appropriately. ...more

Giving Christmas cards is one of those traditions I cling to. I know I love getting cards in the ...more

Organize Yourself to Get Out Holiday Cards On Time

By Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore Organize Yourself to Get Out Holiday Cards on Time Some of you may have taken our advice in July and already snapped up Christmas cards on sale, but if you skipped over that article while sipping lemonade, don’t worry. We’re here to tell that you a little planning now will keep you from freaking out once December rolls around....more

The Holiday Family Photo: Keep it Real

On a pre-Thanksgiving dinner beach walk on Thursday, I passed a man wearing a Santa hat standing in front of a chair full of Christmas-themed props. Mistakenly thinking that he and the woman he was with were trying to take their own picture, I offered, as I will sometimes do when I see people in this situation, to take one of them."I'm the PHOTOGRAPHER," he snapped, and I kept on walking after a brief apology.Then I went inside and told Twitter about it, as you do. I even used the hashtag #holidaybeachphotos gone wrong, yes I did....more

I love the Snuggie ...more