Decorate Your Home with Stars: 10 Crafts You Can Create

One of the things I miss about living in the country is how many stars you could see at night. The stars always seemed brighter in the winter, but I think that’s in part because the nights were so much longer. Here are 10 crafty ways you can sneak a few more stars into your winter nights. Credit: A Cultivated Nest...more

Fun and Easy DIY Holiday Party Decorations

It's the time of year for presents, egg nog, candy canes ... and holiday parties! If you're playing host this year, I'm excited to share some fun and easy DIY ideas to help you add a personal touch to your holiday gathering. ...more

Not Crafty. Except at the Holidays.

I'm not a super crafty person.  I have never woken up in the morning and thought to myself, "I'd like to get out the hot glue gun today." If I have creative energy, I write something. When we were on the farm, I used my creative muscles to churn out 50 to 100 flower bouquets every week during the season.I'm not bad at crafts, but I don't have the patience that being a "crafter" requires.  ...more

The Family Tree (Skirt)

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home This is another Christmas idea I got years ago, and again I quote Family Fun as my maybe source.It is our tree skirt for our Christmas tree.I don't have the instructions for it, but it was pretty easy no-sew project. You just cut out a tree skirt shape out of any heavy fabric you like (I used a green velvety-type). It's basically a great big donut with a slit cut from edge to center....more

My Favorite Thing about Christmas...

It's November 25th. The day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday. A day of many names. It's the day I realize I have to start thinking seriously about Christmas....more
Yes! I've spent a lot of time thinking about how different her second Christmas was from her ...more