'Tis the Season...Already?

By Misty Van Staaveren...more

Creating My Gypsy Holiday Art

I’m noticing a lot of grumpiness out there about one holiday treat (at least I think so) that I look forward to year after year.  In fact, as soon as the clock falls back and darkness comes early, I’m up for it.  Can’t wait.  That is, the lights and decorations....more

What a difference a year makes!!!!

It is two days until the end of November.  At the Manor,  we have three trees up with lights and that's all.    Our son is coming tonight to pick up the old green sectional sofa that came with us from the house we sold last winter.   Really not having room for it in "This Old Stone House" with its two front parlors as opposed to a "great room", I am happy for the progeny and his roomies to have it.  The comfy old sofa will suit them to a tee.   My husband will mourn the loss but he will survive, I have no doubt! ...more

Decorating for the holidays (inexpensively)

It is that time of year to start preparing for the holidays.  We have lists to make, meals to consider, cookies to bake, arrangements for visiting families, gifts to make, gifts to purchase, people to visit, events to attend, and finally get our homes in order via decorating and organizing.  Where do we begin? If you are like me, you will not feel ready to begin the craziness in the least until your home is decorated and organized first.  After knowing that is accomplished, I can start on the lists!...more

Make a small bathroom look larger!

Holidays are always a time when we look at our surroundings and wnat to "pretty" them up a little.  Almost all of us are on a tight budget these days and need some ideas that won't cost a bundle. Here are a few tips on making your bathroom appear a little larger.1. Trade a standard door for a sliding pocket door to gain additional floor space once reserved for the door swing. Bifold doors (doors that fold up like a screen) can also save space....more

My Little Dragonfly

Dear Delilah,I'm not quite sure why, but since long before you were born, I've associated you with dragonflies. Before we knew your sex, we picked out bedding for you in shades of orange and green, adorned with dragonflies. Daddy found a great set of wire sculptures to hang on your wall, one a butterfly, the other a dragonfly....more

A Green Christmas: Reducing Waste and Making Memories

I remember our first Christmas together. My now-husband proposed on Christmas eve. Prior to that, we were "shacking up," as my grandparents referred to it. Despite their disapproval of the "situation," they gave us their old (fake) Christmas tree. It was too big for our apartment. And old. But we loved it. ...more

the idea of sustainability and Christmas!

Our family always decorates the tree in family ...more

Show and Tell: NieNie Asks ... What Does Your Tree Look Like?

Real, faked, flocked, big, or small: If you decorate a tree, what will it look like this year? If not, show me a picture of your winter home! ...more

I have been following your blog for years now and so happy to be commenting~ I just want to say ...more

Recycled plastic bag wreath

Well, now that Thanksgiving's over, it's time to decorate the house! Because we live in a place that doesn't get snow, I try to find ways to make the place feel festive, but without any of that fake snow stuff. Along with getting a tree and hanging some sparkly lights, I usually create a fun wreath to hang on the door. Sometimes I use branches and things from the yard, but this year, I had a new idea....more

It was really easy to make - and would totally be a fun project for teens!