Making a Charcuterie Board

 Oh my goodness, this year is flying by and the holiday are edging closer and closer. I am starting to get a little anxious because typically by this time I have begun shopping and wrapping, as of yet I've done nothing. ...more

Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

What are your favorite tips for healthy holiday eating? ...more

What Not to Do: Eating and Drinking Over the Holidays


I hear yah!

The worst part for me is that I get so hungry if I drink too much. Not just ...more

All Aboard the Train to Calorie Hell!

Every year in my house, it starts with the Halloween candy and continues on the downhill trend until January 2. My husband and I buy a seat on the high calorie train to future diet Hell and with the shout, “ALL ABOARD!” we’re off and overindulging. First stop on Halloween night – my thighs. My daughter arrives home from trick or treating with 114 pounds of candy packed into her plastic pumpkin. After she pours out her sugary treasures on the carpet, my husband hovers over her like a vulture standing over its prey. “What cha got there, honey … huh, huh, huh?” he pants. ...more