Eat Some Lucky Foods for a Prosperous New Year

People all over the world have special traditions for celebrating the arrival of the new year, and often celebrations include the idea of eating lucky foods, thought to bring happiness and prosperity in the year to come. Image: Courtesy of Champaign Taste Just which foods are lucky depends on where you are, but there are some traditions that are pretty widespread. Here are suggestions for lucky foods from around the world, but if you have a New Year's food tradition that brings you luck, please share your link or recipe in the comments....more
Black Eyed Peas!more

Easy Green Beans

Green beans are a favorite side dish of mine for every holiday, season, and event.  It is a food that always makes an appearance in some form whether it is in a casserole, is steamed, or mixed with a vinaigrette.  This recipe is simple and easy, uses ingredients that I often already have in my fridge, and because it takes about 25 minutes to cook down on the stove, I can walk away and tend to other things while the green beans soak in some amazing flavor....more

To Die For Pumpkin Soup!

It's Almost Turkey day, and I have to tell you I had to put this on our Thanksgiving menu!  I have a friend who is just an amazing cook, and he recently invited over to their house for this Pumpkin Soup!! WOW I was floored at how GREAT it was and he has graciously given me the recipe and even made it for us to add to our Thanksgiving Table!!...more

17 Irish Inspired Recipes for St Patrick's Day

 St. Patrick's Day isn't just about green beer, though many people won't agree....more

Eggnog: Love it or Hate it, 16 Facts about it

Eggnog: Love it or Hate it, 16 Facts about it...more

stuffed chicken crepe pockets

One of the holidays, when my family had a food potluck, my sister-in-law brought this dish. It was such a cute appetizer and was amazingly tasty. Ever since, this recipe stuck around our family. These crepes are great as fast foods, especially since my boys often go to the fridge for fast foods.

Melt into a Tapas Themed Holiday Potluck

By: Sunny ChoiPhoto Credit: http://ritzybee.typepad.comA New Year’s Eve Culinary Smackdown...more

Holiday Traditions That Make One Quince!

Holiday Traditions That Make One Quince.Posted: December 8, 2011 | Author: unprofessionalcookery | Filed under: ...more

A Guide to the Chinese New Year Table

Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year because of the lunar calendar, but it’s usually in February or March. It is symbolized by different animals, on a 12-year cycle -- this year it's the Year of the Rabbit. It’s always filled with a whole lot of food and family. ...more
Hello there, Elaine! I am following a link from Grace's post on the Lunar New Year from two ...more

A Month of Side Dishes: Corn Bread Muffins (With Gluten-Free Variation)

December is BlogHer's Month of Side Dishes, and we want you to share your favorite side! Click here to see how to play along. And check out all the sides we're craving in the Month of Side Dishes series. ...more