Holiday Gift Guide Technology & Tools

Put the fun in functional gift-giving by choosing an electronic or tech-friendly present this holiday season....more

Holiday Gift Guide // For the Kiddos

I asked a few of the little ones in my life to share the types of things they'd like to see under their Christmas tree and then I searched the web for a few items I thought would be fun too. So as promised here is my Holiday Gift Guide for the kiddos in your life. ...more

Affordable Holiday Gift Guide {for Her}

Some people love holiday shopping, while others feel like a downtrodden Kevn McCallister  after an afternoon of grocery shopping (I had to post this....more

Stylish Gifts for All the Ladies In Your Life

I think these gift ideas (or some variation of them) will be treasured by all of the ladies in your life. I did my best to keep things under $100. I included a couple of pricier items, but for the most part, they are all budget friendly. ...more
Great ideas.... I usually buy gifts whenever I like them and gift them to someone whom it suits ...more

Spinsterlicious Gift Guide for Awesome Single Ladies

As a single woman, I'm often amused at how little attention we get during the holiday season. There are Gift Guides for Mom, Dad, the college student, teens and tweens, teachers, bosses, and even bachelors. But I've never seen one for single women. Arguably, single women shouldn’t necessarily need their own gift guide… except if just about everyone else gets one, why can’t we? Heck, we like gifts too! But we like good gifts, not fuzzy socks, robes and pajamas; not t-shirts and mugs with corny jokes about being single; and we don’t want a pink tool kit....more

Books to Film: Gift it, Read it, Watch it!

After spending Christmas Eve with my dad's side of the family, we sometimes spent Christmas day at home as a family of four. Many of those days I curled up with a new book, alternating between devouring the new words and snacking on my mom's pumpkin bread. My books weren't always at the top of my gift list, like my coveted bottle of 273 perfume or the Madonna True Blue tape, but they were the ones I held close to my heart that day, falling into another world....more
Ooh, I love each of these (oddly, though, I didn't know Fear and Loathing was book-based; to ...more

Perfectly Stylish Gifts Under $100

Gifts that are the most exciting to receive are the ones you'd never buy for yourself. No matter the cost, some items just seem extravagant and unnecessary. And that's why holiday gift giving is so fun. Here's a list of posh little gifts under $100 for your stylish friends or family members. ...more
Oh my Maegan, you've gone and read my mind! Sending to a certain someone now... Let it be known ...more

8 Gift Ideas for Sports Lovers

Great gift ideas for your favorite sports enthusiast!...more

Buying Blogger-Made This Holiday Season

There are two things I love about shopping at small independent merchants: first, I can buy things that are one of a kind. Second, I am directly supporting a cottage industry run by someone I could potentially get to know; our transaction is the beginning of a relationship beyond the simple acquisition of goods or services, especially if that person blogs, and I become a regular reader and commenter. It’s sort of like going to my local farmer’s market or my CSA to pick up a bunch of kale from the farmer whose fields I pass on the way to my son’s school. Why wouldn’t I shop that way? ...more
As we were at Toys R Us today, I was thinking there has to be a better way with better products ...more

Gift Guide: Eco-Books

Ah, the gift of knowledge, what could be better? Most of the suggested books listed below could be the exact spark that gets somebody thinking. And that, my friends, is a gift to the world. In some cases, the books are new releases in 2011, and some are classic evergreens. Feel free to add your own suggestions at the bottom of this post:...more