Holidays are Coming, Find Fresh & Thoughtful Gift Ideas

The Holidays are coming!Whether you enjoy them peacefully or go into the season kicking and screaming, it is time to start getting your ideas in place.For help in finding fresh and thoughtful gift ideas, come visit me at:

Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar All-Star Mini Set: Holiday Gift or Treat for You

This past summer, I tried a sample of Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar in the pale peach shade, Anika. I was channeling Julie Christie's 1960s look, but it didn't really work on me. But when I heard about the All-Star Mini Set of 4 of their best-selling shades, I knew I had to take the plunge....more

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Practical People On Your List

Ah, the practical's tough to think of just the right gift for the "no frills" friend.  Here's a few suggestions that might work!...more

Holiday Shopping - Keep It Local

You've made your list of gift recipients (you do have a list, don't you?) and now you need to get some shopping done.  Do you put on your jammies and fire up your laptop or do you fill up your gas tank and summon your good parking karma?...more

Nine Great Holiday Gifts for the Home

So no, we're not advocating putting these under the tree with "To Our Wonderful Home" on the gift tag - because, duh, the house doesn't have opposable thumbs to unwrap the box.  However, we think these are great gift ideas for friends and family who like practical, usable gifts....more

Holiday Gifts to Make Someone Smile

I love a gift that brings a grin to my face.  Something that's part cute, part sassy, part really good looking.  Here's a few I found that I thought were worth sharing!...more
These are great, I have to say I am very partial to the ceramic pig speaker. I'm going to submit ...more

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It is Saturday morning. JP is napping....more

Give That Special Someone A Sexy Holiday Surprise

The holidays are quickly approaching. What are your gift plans for that special someone in your life?  There are so many wonderful things that you can buy, but wait.  Why not make this holiday season extra sexy and special?  Gift cards, clothes, watches, cologne or perfume are always great options.  However, why not turn it up a notch and give a gift that can bring you and your partner closer together?...more