New Year's Eve Parties: What to Wear

(Source)My bad, my bad.  I know I've been busy, but this is no excuse for leaving you hanging on what to wear for the  holiday parties.  I've discussed hairstyles (on here and on and  Naturalhairrules!!!) and even discussed makeup.  What I DIDN'T seem to discuss was what the heck to wear.  Again, I am truly sorry, but I promise you I am going to make up for it. This post is kinda long with pics and info so sit back, enjoy your day, and let's get this show on the road!...more
You may have one or two that are just sitting in the back of your closet.  That's all i meant.more

The Holiday Collection: Breaking In Without Breaking Out in a Cold Sweat

 So by now you know that I recently spent a few days and nights gallivanting around DC with elected officials.Wait. That sounds bad, doesn’t it? Gallivant may be the wrong word as I am not — and will never be — Rielle Hunter....more

Santa Envy, or What the Reindeer Know about Holiday Parties

 How to Put the Ho Ho Hoin the HolidaysChapter 1:Santa Envy orWhat the Reindeer Know About Holiday Parties...more

Fun and Easy DIY Holiday Party Decorations

It's the time of year for presents, egg nog, candy canes ... and holiday parties! If you're playing host this year, I'm excited to share some fun and easy DIY ideas to help you add a personal touch to your holiday gathering. ...more

If You Fail to Plan a Party, You Plan to Fail

Last year was the first time we hosted Thanksgiving. We seated 12, which is the absolute top capacity we can accommodate in our dining room without going double-decker. Moreover, we did this just three days after returning from a week in Mexico.We entertain pretty frequently, whether it's a casual get together with another couple or a big blowout multicourse dinner party. It's something we enjoy doing. But in order to keep it fun for everyone including us, not to mention to preserve our sanity, we put a fair amount of planning into each event....more
Love your post! We host our annual braai (rhymes with "sky" - it's a South African barbecue - my ...more

Holiday Know-How: Treat Business Networking Like a Family Gathering

‘Tis the season for family get-togethers and company events.  There are more similarities between those two things than you might think. They’re both group gatherings where you know people to varying degrees. Both are opportunities to chat with someone who might be helpful in your future career success. And, for some people, you’re not really that excited about going but know you should (or just plain have to) attend. ...more

Ten Festive, Versatile Holiday Party Looks

As a blogger and a style enthusiast, the holidays are a time when I am invited to a multitude of events, ranging from small client cocktail parties to black tie galas. It's a pretty busy time of year. Not to mention, as a wife and mom of three, I still have to get prepared for Christmas! The cherry on top? Well, both my oldest son and I have December birthdays! So as you can imagine, I am usually almost ready to be committed by this time: five days till Christmas. ...more

Holiday Gingerbread House Party

I am a huge fan of family traditions, and Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because it is crammed with them. Besides making the holidays memorable, traditions also make great family friendly party themes! Who doesn't love decorating sugar cookies, or going caroling with friends? Just add some eggnog, hot chocolate, or both, and you have yourself the perfect holiday gathering. You don't even have to plan decorations, because you probably already have your house decked out for Christmas. ...more

Lobster and Puff Pastry: An Easy, Delicious, Holiday Appetizer

Lobster seems to be one of those rarefied experiences that we reserve for only the most special occasions. In fact, I think we often overlook its potential because we assume that it is out of reach…a crazy indulgence. While it is certainly an indulgence, it can be a really wonderful addition to a holiday party, and as an appetizer, a little can go a long way. ...more
Thanks, Genie. It is delicious. I'll be the first to say that it would be spectacular to make it ...more

Christmas Breakfast Cinnamon Buns

Christmas is fast approaching, and most of us are spending our time panicking about finding that perfect gift for our parents (seriously, do they have to be so difficult to buy for?), hiding all of the presents from Santa in a secure location, and planning the Christmas dinner feast. You're on top of this. You've got it covered. This year, you will rock Christmas. ...more
Our recipes for pumpkin cream cheese muffins are very similar and I will say they are to die ...more