Holiday party style on a budget

 This is a Lazy Girl Life feature because it’s an outfit planned around not having to wear heels or anything that felt too different from pajamas....more

Holiday Office Party Gift Ideas

Can you believe this is the last week before Christmas? Only one week left until Christmas, which means only (including today) 5 work days left.  Most likely you have some kind of holiday work party this week, whether that means a potluck at the office, an afterhours cocktails or a weekend dinner with significant others – either way you have to bring some kind of gift. By gifts, this could mean for your manager, or the owner of the company or maybe your office is doing a Pollyanna with all your co-workers.  Either way, below are some great gift ideas for all....more

3 Tips on Surviving the Holiday Hangover

The holidays: a time for charity, cheer, and maybe just a little bit too much drinking at the office party. EVERYONE has a great office party story about the intern who passed out in the closet or the time a stuck up CEO donned a lampshade and started doing the Macarena.But when the festivities end, business must begin. So how do you combat the dreaded holiday hangover? As long as you throw any caloric concern out the window, you can arrive at the office bright and chipper despite having had a bit too much the night before by:...more

Throwing An Adult Holiday Party....With Kids

We've all been there.  You're getting ready to throw a get together with friends or party at your house.  Maybe you don't have family to rely on nearby to take the kids to.  Maybe you have numerous adult attendees who don't have reliable childcare and would like to bring their children.  Maybe it's just easier to keep the kiddos at your house and not hassle with shuttling them around. ...more

Formal Gone Wrong {Themed Holiday Parties}

Dear Friends,My husband was not very impressed.I came out of the bathroom in my get-up and he attempted not to choke....more

What curveball will you catch (or drop!) at your holiday party?

As our holiday open-house approached, I worried about what could go wrong. Disasters from events past haunted me. Some were simple like a goblet shattered on the deck or not having an empty vase for a hostess-gift-bouquet. Some were more awful: A neighbor over-imbibing and spilling shiraz on my professor or when I greeted a colleague at our meatatarian BBQ and remembered (too late!) that she's vegan. I never imagined that the evening's curveball would be a hit.......more

Reminiscing on a Corporate Christmas Faux Pas

Amid a deadline at work, I have the need to write about something other than work-related news items. If you'd asked me a few years ago that I'd be writing for a living, I'd have smiled and hoped you were right. I've changed the course of my career and am happy--for now. My first job out of college was for a Fortune 100 company, financial. A maze of cubicles and florescent lighting, I likened my daily routine to that of the movie, Office Space....more

How to Halt the Holiday Party Pig Out

First of all, let me just say this. If you're not worried about pigging out at this weekend's holiday party, then I'm not worried. I don't care. I mean, if your friend makes cookies so delicious you'd rather have one bite of that then an hour in a candlelit room making out with Bradley Cooper, then, by all means, stuff your face. But, if you've been working hard to maintain that girlish figure and don't want a festive fete to turn into a total caloriefest, I have a few tips for you....more

Gosh those seem to be excellent ideas to stop me grazing at the finger buffet like a starved ...more

Get Your Look Ready for the Holidays Now

Welcome to December! If you're anything like me, you are already watching your calendar fill up, with parties and dinners and all the other festivities that crop up this time of year. As you're organizing your time and money, make sure to set some of both aside to get yourself holiday ready. Here are five things to attend to now, before the frenzy starts, so that you'll be able to relax and enjoy when it does. ...more

I treat myself to a new party item every year in December. This year I got this fabulous more

Recessionista Party Style, or How to Make Your Dress Work Beyond the Holidays

Recession got you thinking that a party dress would be a frivolous purchase this holiday season?  Understandable -- UNLESS you invest in a dress that you can wear beyond New Year's Eve.  That takes your new LBD out of the "splurge" category and into the "investment" category.  But you have to buy the right dress, and you need a plan for wearing it on days when there's no party on your calendar.  You know, on a regular old Tuesday.   ...more

I think it's key to stick with classic silhouettes & colors. They last for years & ...more