A Professional Photographer's Advice on How to Take Memorable Holiday Photos

There are moments I can't help but photograph. My 100-year-old grandmother holding both of my children. My toddler's first steps around the lit Christmas tree. The way my husband and daughter sing and dance with the lighting of the menorah. During the ever-famous carving of the perfectly-cooked Thanksgiving turkey. Whether these moments are small and large, one thing for certain is that they are poignant to my family. They are photos I want to be able to show to my kids and grandkids one day. ...more
Great post... Please read my post below, I have a photo in it and I love our this pic.... ...more

How Christmas Changes As You Add Kids to the Picture

  Ah, the holidays.Time for people to take pictures. Lots of pictures. And upload them to Facebook. With the addition of smaller-statured family members, I’ve learned to appreciate this practice, this tradition, more and more each year.It’s come to my attention that with each new cherub, the quality and quantity of pictures change, as do the subjects....more
The sad thing is I REALLY want some. It would end badly, though!more