Spend Less Save More: Holiday Markdowns

Holiday Markdowns · Post holiday markdown to look out for. ...more

Will Halloween Sales Be A Trick Or Treat For Retailers?

On Saturday afternoon at a stop light in Bellingham, Washington, our car was parallel to a teenager standing on a sidewalk outside of a mall with a handmade sign he was constantly jiggling to encourage people to stop in and buy their halloween costumes. I had actually been watching the teenager for several minutes as the traffic crawled by the shopping mall. ...more

Interesting.  I'd never really thought about Halloween as an especially important time ...more

Boxing Day Sales

Because of the world-wide recession, retail sales everywhere have been down this year. As a result, many retailers have offered what would have been Boxing Day sales, before Boxing Day. This may have an effect on a) how much more (if any) the sale discount will be and b) how much inventory will be available by the time the Boxing Day sales begin. ...more

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  It is that time of year again; parties, parties, parties.What is a little fashionista supposed to wear? ...more