Procrastinating on Holiday Shopping? Tips to beat the last minute lines

When most people think about last minute holiday shopping, they think of one thing – long lines. Is it worth standing in any line at all during the holidays?Did you know that, technology is streamlining last minute holiday shopping for people like you?PayPal Payments Expert Jennifer Hakes predicts that long holiday lines will end in the next five years in certain markets. Find out how in her interview with me. ...more

Stores Will Be Open Round the Clock, But I Won't Be Shopping

Were you the secret winner of the huge Mega-Millions lottery haul? If you need extra shopping time before Christmas,  many national stores are offering overnight and extended hours through the 25th. Online retailers are also putting on the dog for customers with a barrage of e-mail specials.Brad Tuttle reports in Time: ...more
carynstat Caryn, your point is well made. I worked in hospitals for twenty years, and I ...more

Holiday Gift Guide: Finishing Up.

The last of the gift guides! This list has a little something for everyone: your hipster brother, your boss, your gym rat cousin, and your microbrewery bestie. Shop the list: ...more

A Procrastinator's Guide to Holiday Shopping

No matter how much I think I have my shit together I always find myself scrambling for the “perfect Christmas gift” on December 24. It’s not like Christmas falls on a different date every year or that I haven’t been reminded on a daily basis since Halloween to start my holiday shopping and yet…I started this year with the crazy idea that I could be one of those people who shop for holiday gifts throughout the year. I would pick up the perfect presents as I found them and squirrel them away until the holidays.But then I snapped out of it....more

Holiday Gift Guide for Him.

Dads, boyfriends, and brothers need a little gift love too, am I right? (Thank you to the fellas who reached out via Twitter + text to shoot me some ideas! You were instrumental.)Because shopping this time of year can be an absolute nightmare, you can buy everything below from the safety of your couch....more
I love to see a well-put-together man. The first one that comes to mind is David Beckham. ...more

Spend Less Save More:Happy Thanksgiving Shopping time has begun

Countdown to Christmas 26 Days: Happy Thanksgiving Shopping time has begun...more

Doing My Holiday Shopping at the Stores of Some of My Favorite Bloggers

One of my favorite parts of holiday shopping is buying gifts from the the online stores of some of my favorite bloggers. Here are some of my favorites: ...more
One of my favorites is Alma's shop - handmade crochet and wood items ...more

Facts About Grey Thursday Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Thanksgiving signifies a time of year where people gather with their families and reflect upon what they’re thankful for. It’s also fast becoming a major shopping weekend with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the introduction of Grey Thursday. Today I will share some interesting facts about the weekend shopping rush and how it all got started....more

Thanksgiving double standards?

Recently, there have been a lot of posts on Facebook complaining/ranting about the fact that some of the retail stores will be open on Thanksgiving this year.I've seen people urging their friends to go nowhere near these stores because it's so wrong/mean/capitalistic to make people work on Thanksgiving. And I can see where some people might feel this way.BUT.......Have the people pushing for the empty stores actually thought about what they are saying?...more

Holiday Shopping 2013: Keep it Simple, Stupid

I decided to be a trooper a few nights ago and blast through Christmas shopping for my kids. I'd fill the cart, '80's game show-style, and then unload it, as a layaway, on some unsuspecting shlub. I'd have all the toys, and none of them in the house. It was ingenious! I'd also unwrap everything and put it together before Christmas morning so as not to have to contend with boxes, batteries, or those plastic ties I'm certain were created by the Russian military. I had a plan....more