The Magic of the Season

The Magic of the Season ...more

The Worst Christmas Ever

I knew I was in trouble when my husband questioned the pile of packages by the front door.             “I have a good excuse,” I said.             One of his eyebrows arched. “Really?”             Both of my eyebrows went up. “Really,” I said....more
Do we have the same mother? My Mom goes wild at Christmas!more

Today feels like Thanksgiving and Christmas, all rolled into one

 I can think of no better way to say how thankful and excited I am that Hannah and Eric got to hold their precious baby boy in their arms for the very first time today!And today, for the first time, the little guy got to wear something besides a diaper.Considering that Clay is 26 days old, these insignificant-sounding victories take on a whole new meaning. Talk about delayed gratification! I can only imagine how the parents must have felt, when I cried tears of joy myself after hearing about it on the phone....more

Christmas Decorating Lite

Not to sound grumpy, but I am just a little tired of doing ALL the Christmas decorating. In truth, I set myself up for this predicament. In general I consider myself a careful person. I'm the type who holds a precious ornament in one hand while my other hand rests underneath for safekeeping. So, it goes without saying that I have a set of rules for decorating. More than once my husband has called me a grinch about my decorating habits. ...more

Christmas Cactus

I came down the steps wearily the other morning and did my routine of opening the blinds in the living room so the plants can get sunlight. I was a bit weary because I’ve been nursing a cold that came on last Sunday and was on my way to do the first of three major gigs in as many days. ...more

Three ways you can simply change the world for the better

Why is it that we seem to be more generous, more compassionate over the holidays? Do I just notice it more, or are we more likely to extend a hand now than at other times in the calendar? There seems to be almost a longing to help, to see to it that giving is done in the best of ways. ...more

I was really disappointed to learn that you couldn't scrape leftover liver and onions into a ...more