Eat Some Lucky Foods for a Prosperous New Year

People all over the world have special traditions for celebrating the arrival of the new year, and often celebrations include the idea of eating lucky foods, thought to bring happiness and prosperity in the year to come. Image: Courtesy of Champaign Taste Just which foods are lucky depends on where you are, but there are some traditions that are pretty widespread. Here are suggestions for lucky foods from around the world, but if you have a New Year's food tradition that brings you luck, please share your link or recipe in the comments....more
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Family Holiday Memories & Gift Exchanges: The Carlisle Clan

I missed posting on November 4, but NaBloPoMo’s prompt suggested writing about a favorite holiday memory, I chose memorIES....more

Old School Blogging: Holiday Edition

Credit for this Old School Blogging idea once again goes to the lovely Olive To Run, as this appeared in my inbox yesterday I believe.  Well, her version did… To read her answers and check out her fantastic blog, click HERE!First things first: 1 Holy Night or 8 Crazy Ones? (Do you Celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, both?) One Holy Night....more

Christmas Traditions Bring You Back to Childhood

Growing up, every holiday was chaotic. My extended family is huge. When you combine the paternal and maternal sides, I have 22 aunts and uncles (including their spouses) and 30 cousins. Do I have to even state that family gatherings were loud? Yelling, shouting, laughing, game playing, little kids running in packs like wolves. I was never the ring leader, but I always enjoyed being part of the show. ...more

Hard Candy Christmas

Listening to the Christmas music on the local radio stations this year has allowed me once again to hear Dolly Parton's song "Hard Candy Christmas".  And yes, I first heard this song from a movie she did with Burt Reynolds.  But after the second or third time hearing it on the radio,  I found myself humming and singing the song to myself while doing things around the house.   The memory pot had to be stirred awhile to conjure up m...more

Why We're Adding ANOTHER Winter Holiday to our Family Traditions

Picking up the plush and fuzzy figure of a rotund, bearded man wearing a red suit with white trim, my three year old broke into a smile. “Buddha!” he declared proudly as he waved the jolly stuffed Santa in my direction. As we string up lights, bring in holly boughs, burn sage, and stuff the advent calendar I can understand his confusion. The winter holidays are a bit of a mish-mash in our home....more

Blessings of Our Christmas Tree Tradition

Like most families we have our Christmas traditions.  For us, the Christmas tree is the first tradition of the season.  We go to the same tree lot every year on the first weekend of December to pick our tree and we decorate it that evening.  It is a special time for us to really...more

Ornament Tradition for the Kids

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmFor those of you with little kids, here's a Christmas tradition that we've been carrying on since ours were knee-high.We kinda like it, and you may, too.Each year, Santa puts an ornament in their stocking. Some years they've been higher quality ornaments, and other years they've been cheaper, it doesn't much matter.Santa always puts their name and the year on the bottom of the ornament, so they don't get them mixed up in later years....more

Not So Traditional Holiday Traditions

Tis' the Season to be JOLLY, FA LA LA LA LA... LA LA LA! Our Holiday season actually starts with Thanksgiving. Since moving away from family back in 1998, time with them is rare, but one tradition we have held onto is our Thanksgiving time with my Mom and sis. Every year, just the two of them come to spend it with my family. I cook at home, and we all have our part in the kitchen. ...more
Thanks for having me share our not so traditional was my pleasure.  Merry ...more