How One Holiday Tradition Returned

The Holidays bring about good and bad memories of past holiday seasons.  I have a girlfriend Nancy who newly divorced is having her first Thanksgiving without the kids this year.  It's tough; there is no denying it.  Thanksgiving will be different for her; but that doesn't mean it'll be bad.  We've talked about my first Thanksgiving without my daughter and new traditions I put in place when celebrating as a single person.  For me, ...more

Our Own Holiday World

Memories are fleeting and traditions are a wonderful way to remember the good times. I might not remember all the wonderful moments of growing up, but I remember the traditions. This is especially true of the holidays. When I started my own family, my husband and I took the best parts of our traditions and created new ones. This is how we ended up with two Christmas trees every year, one real and one fake....more
I love it... being in a car forces us to chat and catch up, something not always easy to have ...more

Creepy Elf in my Tree

Remember when our parents told us Santa was always watching. "He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows if you've been bad or good..." This kept my sisters and me in line from Thanksgiving until Christmas morning. After all, we didn't want coal in our stocking....more

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Some of my earliest memories involve sitting around the Christmas tree: shaking boxes, counting presents, Dad reading the Christmas story from the Bible, racing cars around the tree, waking up in the wee hours of the morning to see the loot, falling asleep at noon exhausted and surrounded by gifts. The list goes on and on. But these are intangibles, the true beauty of Christmas....more

Where's Home for the Holidays When You're Divorced or Remarried?

 —The turkey I prepared last year, when my stepsons celebrated an early Christmas with us. ...more

It's Time to Think About THIS Part of Christmas!!!

While I admit that I complained about people getting into the Christmas "spirit" earlier and earlier, I will admit that I have been doing a little Christmas planning of my own the past few weeks. If you have been reading my blog a while, you will remember that we had some mischievous visitors that came to stay with us from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Our Elf Magic Elves - Tinsel and Holly!!! ...more

She vs. Her: Can We Change Our Holiday Traditions?

Welcome to She vs. Her -- where we ask two bloggers with different perspectives to make their case. This week: What to do when a long-standing family tradition is a state away? Sisters BlondieChicago and Rita Arens debate the question of where to spend the holidays. ...more
We moved to Oregon to live right next to my husband's family. Seems like holidays would be a ...more

Holiday Traditions that Mean the Most to Me: Family, Friends, Food!

This weekend begins a chain of traditions I've been building with my family for twenty years....more

Holiday Memories and Traditions

With Christmas almost upon us, memories of Christmases past always seem to be flooding in for me.  Some of them are wonderful, others are bittersweet.  The photo above was my Christmas card the first year Buckley spent Christmas with Amber and me.  I...more

Just Spreadin' The Love This Holiday Season

My husband spent the weekend hanging the Christmas lights, buying the groceries, doing the laundry, and cleaning out the storage room (Yeah, I know he’s perfect. Blah, blah, blah.). While he was running around like the Energizer bunny, I spent the weekend stewing. He’d been gone the entire week before on business and had promised to go to the movies and on a hike with me. He was so busy we didn’t have time to do anything together. I felt unloved and neglected. When I complained, he responded, “But how can you say that? ...more


What wisdom! Thanks for the reminder that unconditional love starts with ...more