Just Spreadin' The Love This Holiday Season

My husband spent the weekend hanging the Christmas lights, buying the groceries, doing the laundry, and cleaning out the storage room (Yeah, I know he’s perfect. Blah, blah, blah.). While he was running around like the Energizer bunny, I spent the weekend stewing. He’d been gone the entire week before on business and had promised to go to the movies and on a hike with me. He was so busy we didn’t have time to do anything together. I felt unloved and neglected. When I complained, he responded, “But how can you say that? ...more


What wisdom! Thanks for the reminder that unconditional love starts with ...more

Another Thanksgiving Custom(ized)

Five Ideas for Making Quick Advent Calendars Right Now

With the first weekend post-Thanksgiving quickly approaching, will you be pulling out your crafting supplies and making some fresh new holiday decorations? This year, it appears that one of the most popular items to craft is a fresh and charming Advent Calendar. ...more

I have a kit that my Mom bought before she died to make up for my son's Advent Calendar but ...more

Budget Holiday Table Top Decorating

 Versatile Decor: Is this table set for holiday dining or for an anniversary celebration?...more

Canadian Thanksgiving Traditions

Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is just days away and I have to confess something. I don't have any Thanksgiving traditions. I haven't had the same Thanksgiving experience more than two years in a row since um...high school? Possibly even before that. ...more

And honestly, most people I know don't actually cook it on Thanksgiving Day. A lot of people ...more

Escorted Out By Security

Today I crossed the line. I decided to take Christmas back. For years I've been a little down during the Holidays. It seemed like my life wasn't  Last year was hard because I left Ari's dad and my entire family and went to San Francisco where I have a strong network of support. Although I enjoy seeing my daughter open her gifts  and light up on Christmas, I still have felt a slight bit of sadness in my heart. ...more

Another Cockamamie Christmas Tree

I know I haven't written in a while what with being busy with work and that whole Christmas thing, but this blog about a bog should make up for it. ...more

Holiday traditions from around the world - from graveside candles to a wandering witch

The traditions for holidays can change as one travels across the globe. ...more

Yep, Austria also has the Christkindlmrkt -- I attended in Innsbruk. That is a tradition that I ...more

Holiday Traditions

Making memories for yourself and the people you love the most are what the holidays are all about. Here are a few low or in some cases no cost tips that just might help you start a few new traditions and make this holiday season the most memorable one yet. ...more

She Just Got Married...Your Family Traditions are Weird!

    Let me start by saying our family used panty hose for Christmas stockings. Do you know how far panty hose stretch and how much you can stuff in them? ...more

Fishnets!!  That would be FUN!

Ok...so just make one and ...more