Thanksgiving Ode: Buying a Turkey? No, Just Rushing Around Like One

Since I can't wiggle my nose like Samantha on 'Bewitched,' All efforts to clean my home have unfortunately been ditched. The ham hasn't been ordered yet because I'm running to the store, To find the least tacky holiday wreath possible for the front door. My silverware doesn't match and my dishes don't coordinate. Last night I managed to drop and shatter my one festive plate. I want to show off our cute boys to relatives traveling into town, But they're still recovering from a stomach flu that brought the whole house down. ...more

Happy Thanksmas...Merry Chrisgiving!

I know you’ve already seen and heard commercials for Christmas, and it’s not even Thanksgiving!  Please explain this to me.  Please tell me that we are not so crass as to spew out ‘White Christmas’ over the grocery store sound system before December 1.  I’m all about holidays, but after awhile it makes me all the political commercials and stories over the last TWO friggin years...I was so mad by election day that I didn’t want to vote for ANYone.  I did vote, of course, and my team won.  The peace and void since election day of television admonishments over candidat ...more

When Popcorn Balls Just Don't Trip Your Trigger

My family is German. My grandmother always made holiday stollen, which is bread filled with raisins, jellied fruits, cinnamon and other spices. ...more

I, too, have been struggling with how to create Christmas traditions.  There were early ...more

5 Tips to Make Your Family Feel Appreciated Through the Holidays

The holidays are here. There’s no fighting it. This time of the year is extremely busy and stressful. With all the running around, get-togethers, and shopping it’s easy to let family time slide. So how do you make the holidays special and keep you and your family feeling appreciated at the same time? Here are five tips that just might help. ...more

Grandkid's Christmas Day Camp

As a grandma i am very involved in the lives of my grandchildren. I regularily plan activities that will enrich their little lives. My goal is to strenthen the bond between them and I, and between themselves as cousins. Every December as part of our familie's HO....HO...HO...liday Schedule I plan a 12 hour Christmas Day Camp for my grandchildren. This gives the 3 sets of parents a full day to do some shopping, giftwrapping, or whatever they choose to do with the time. ...more

All about me...Today 's sunny and hot in Naples

Hallo Friends! how're u Today? I'm fine because i work in my roofgarden...damn, it's very duty in this month,and late i cook the aubergines with tomato! Gnamm! gnamm! ...more

You Can't Have Easter without Marshmallow Peeps

Peeps! What is Easter without marshmallow Peep candy? Less disgusting, you say? Oh, now, don't be a joykill. Peeps are a major touchstone of kitschy pop culture in the U.S. If you have never consumed a peep, all you need to know is that they are freaky little blobs of marshmallow-like substance coated with brightly colored sugar. Many people prefer them stale. ...more

You really have not lived until you've had a peep s'more.  It takes skill and patience.  A first ...more

Can Blended Families Truly Blend Holiday Traditions?

For years -- as I seated my identity on the "single mom" title -- my children had two Christmases. One with me, and one with their father. Over the years I learned how to navigate this setup more or less to my satisfaction; the children's father and I have always had different inclinations (gee, you think?) and in many ways it was easier to do Christmas my way, in my house, and let him do what he liked over at his house. ...more

I didn't know you were reading us! Thanks for the link and the kind words. I'm a fan of your ...more

Top Ten Gifts for Hanukkah

When the editors at BlogHer asked me to put together a gift guide for Hanukkah, I was a little taken aback. After all, my child’s Hanukkah list probably looks a lot like any other kid’s wish list. She wants the same toys, books and electronics as her friends, and has the same clothing needs. As for me, I think jewelry is an appropriate gift for any holiday. ...more
I'm so glad you included a link to my list of Modern Menorahs on If It's Hip, It's Here, but ...more

Corn Salad with Pecan Dressing

As I think about what will be on our Thanksgiving table next week, I find that there are not only recipes but particular serving pieces that come to mind. Along with roasted turkey, Dad's famous stuffing, and pumpkin pie there will be a few sentimental accents that are a special part of my family's Thanksgiving celebration. ...more