Getting Thru Airport Security During the Holidays...Without Losing Your Mind!

Aaaargh!  Airport travel can be such a pain…all in the name of keeping us safe.  When the 9/11 Terrorist Attack first hit, I had to travel the following week for business.  I remember thinking:  ”I don’t care what rules the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) comes up with; I’ll do anything they want, as long as it keeps us safe.”  And I meant it....more

How Do You Transport a Pie?

I have a dilemma. Two, actually. I have an office full of people hungry for pie. And a house full of two people who are decidedly NOT hungry for pie. And two cats who have so far not shown a taste for the stuff (not even the salmon pie -- color me surprised). But I take the bus to the train to the shuttle into work. And I can barely transport a pie from the oven to the counter. ...more

Hi Julie! We think we may have a solution to your “cooked pie conundrum”. To adhere to TSA’s ...more

Organize for Stress-Less Holiday Travel

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore  The holidays are upon us, which means tens of millions of Americans will soon be taking to the skies, rails and roads. ...more

Holiday Air Travel Tips

Anyone who has traveled during the holiday season knows how challenging it can be with crowds, security and possible weather delays. Being prepared is the best way to prevent what can be a very stressful situation. Here are a few holiday travel tips to help you through the chaos: Avoid traveling on the busiest days such as the Wednesday before and Sunday after Thanksgiving. Call ahead or go online to confirm your seat assignment. Use the e-ticket check-in when you arrive at the airport. Arrive at the airport two hours before your flight. ...more

Holiday Travel Car Barf Protection

Planning a long holiday drive? Car sickness a worry? Some of us get car sick at the thought of a long drive some get car sick more often than others, and for many different reasons. Some people get motion sickness every time they take a car ride, kids often get car sick due to all the holiday treats they are not used to eating on that long drive home, others get the dreaded stomach flu, pregnant women suffer with morning sickness, and some get queasy from various medications including chemotherapy treatments. ...more

Taking your holiday wardrobe on the road

Thanksgiving is the official start of the Eat, Drink, and Hope Your Pants Don't Split season, which means it's time to take your party on the road and spend hours noshing in front of someone else's television. Oh, don't pretend that's not what you'll be doing. You know it is. And you won't be alone: AAA estimates that approximately 37.2 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from their homes next week. The real question, of course, isn't where are we going but what are we PACKING? As little as possible, of course. ...more

I will confess to you all (because I like you so much) that I always have to fight the urge to ...more