A Beautiful Cabo Adventure

Ah, it’s good to be back! ...more

Cleaning Up From the Holidays - One Broken Ornament at a Time

Well I finally got all the Christmas Decorations packed up and put away.  No, I am NOT one of those who think it is acceptable to leave the decorations until, like, Valentine's Day.  You know the people that I'm talking about though; the ones whose house you drive by on July 4th, and they still have the damn wreath hanging on the front door and the lights still attached to the gutters....more

Single, Never-Married, and Happy. Yes, Even During the Holidays.

Coming off of a breakup at the end of October, I found myself still limping through recovery when Thanksgiving rolled around. I had a wonderful day, with wonderful friends, but my heart was still healing. But by the time I was reading "Single and Happy During the Holidays" by Sarah Elizabeth Richards on Double X, my holiday happiness and enjoyment were in full swing. The level of contentment I've felt this past week has surprised even me. ...more

When I went home for my 20-year reunion I really saw that it must be crazy like you say there ...more

Grasping at Thin


Happy Holiday Letter

Tis the season to count our blessings, no doubt, many of us having experienced (or brushed close) to so much mayhem and madness in 2009. Yet one gift stands out from the rest of our many blessings this year. ...more

No longer haunted by holiday depession


This is your Christmas

Christmas Mourning: Why Can't My Christmas Be Normal Just Once!

It’s a long standing tradition in my family to never, ever celebrate on Christmas Day. I can’t recall a Christmas it’s ever happened. We never got a Santa Claus because my parents are traditionalists and we grew up knowing what Christmas was really about–for years they wouldn’t let me participate in school Christmas pageants singing Santa Claus and sleigh bells....more

Well, the Kids Can't Come Home - So How Are We Doing?

Here's what happens as we move through life:  our holidays are very different things.   Our older son and his new wife are living in London and traveling in the Middle East - sending enroute an "on our way" email.  .  Our younger son invited us to San Francisco but air fare and hotels are prohibitive.  My husband has a law school paper due in January.  My work as a web editor never ends.  This will NOT be a family time of year....more

When The Season Just Doesn't Seem All That Merry And Bright

About a month ago, I wrote about coping with grief during the holidays. It was around Thanksgiving, and I was more or less in the mind of preparing for coping with grief at Christmas. Christmas was going to be the doozy for me, I knew. Christmas was going to be when dealing with the loss of my dad was going to hit me square in the chest and knock me to the floor. I wanted to be ready. I readied myself to be ready.I wasn't ready....more

I lost my dad in July. The holidays have been so hard. But your post really is true. It's ...more