traditionally untraditional. part two. OR why my son shouldn't be allowed to eat the rum cake.

The most bizarre of the traditionally untraditional had to be our dinner conversation. Did we share all the things for which we are thankful?  No. Did we discuss politics- Hillary, the Donald, immigration, or the economy?  Thank heavens, no. Was there mention of deflated footballs, California wildfires or Syrian refugees? A discussion of the year’s best books or most disappointing movies? No. No. No. No. No.  ...more

Take Charge of Your Holiday Season…Now!

Take Charge of Your Holiday Season…Organize Your TimeWritten by Clearissa Coward/Divinely Organized...more

17 Great Ideas to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Are you looking for some ideas to add color and flavor to your St. Patrick's Day celebration? Check out these tried and true recipes and craft ideas.

I Celebrate Valentine's Day Every Day.

First, thank you to everyone who chimned in on my blogging thoughts yesterday! It really meant a lot!Valentine’s Day is almost here. That special Hallmark holiday that comes once a year where people give gifts and cards to their loved ones to show their love. It seems like each year it becomes more about what to buy than how to celebrate....more

Five great ways to charm your loved ones and benefit animals in need this Valentine’s Day

Can there be anything better than being able to show your affection for a significant other, family member or friend on Valentine’s Day and help save lives? Meet five company’s working hard to make a difference for animals in need.Kona Benellie
HI. I'm Jess, founder of Kona Benellie. I just want to THANK YOU for mentioning us in this blog. ...more

You Can't Spell Families Without Lies - How Holidays Suck For Dysfunctional Families

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, there is one big, universal push to celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. Buy, buy, buy. Party, party, party. The cute Christmas cards come streaming through the mailbox every day, the school events, recitals, and class party emails start flooding your inbox, and everyone asks about your holiday plans.What are you doing for Christmas? Are you traveling? Are your parents visiting? Are you having company?...more

A New Holiday Tradition

Have you heard about the new holiday tradition? It’s non-denominational, it can happen any time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day and you can’t plan it (I don’t think).It’s the Traditional Holiday Fight and everyone has one.I never thought of it as a tradition until a friend of mine asked me if I had had my holiday fight yet. I laughed because, of course, I had. We are deep into December – it’s to be expected. She had her fight over Thanksgiving, which might be the way to go since it helps defuse the tension that is sure to build up by December....more

Gifting in the Time of Plenty

The trials and joys of gift giving and all that we hope our children learn from it.  (I was tempted to categorize this under "mental health" because it's that season, y'all).