Day 22 NaBloPoMo: Christmas Decorations Before Thanksgiving

I am one for timely holidays.  I think we should celebrate the holidays in the order they come, but lights out here in the middle of everywhere are very popular.  Even other religions are finding ways to light up yard either through landscaping lights, fall colors, or designer white or ice blue lights to signify winter or the New Year.  Why?I took this picture at 5:34 this evening.  If we were on fake time, it would be 6:34. ...more

6 Ways to Avoid Mom Stress During the Holidays

 The holiday season is upon us! While for many, this is the favorite time of year, but some parents dread it, because it means lots of traveling, cleaning, cooking/baking, shopping and.. STRESS....more

Road Trip Sanity Saving Audiobooks

Do you love audiobooks?  Have you introduced the concept of listening to stories to your kids?  Are you about to travel for the holidays? Need another sanity saver for the car? It may be just the time to gather up some stories to listen to.  About a year ago, we put an old jam box in Big D’s room.  At first he listened to some short story cd’s that we owned then we switched to longer audiobooks.  Now he listens to an audiobook in his room for an hour each day plus we listen to audiobooks in the car....more
Denise I hope you enjoy!more

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Instead of going to see Santa, I write letters to Santa for my kids. They just tell me what to ...more

Who Says You Have to Wait for December to Celebrate the Holiday Season? Do it NOW!

I’ve noticed an interesting trend happening lately in the social media world that I’ve come to dub as Holiday Shaming. ...more

How Your Blended Family Can Survive the Holidays

The holiday season is only weeks away! If you’re in a blended family, that fact could cause your eyes to twitch and your beleaguered intestines to threaten explosive diarrhea because you barely got over the stress from last year's drama. ...more
I love this article. It's an honest look at the holidays.more

4 Ways to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts

Halloween hasn't even arrived. But guess what? The holidays are closing in fast. At least that's what retailers want us to think. They've already got gift wrap and marshmallow snowmen front and center....more
Thanks for this wise advice.  I have spent today reflecting on what Thanksgiving means and I ...more

Halloween Countdown Day 4: Zombies

Counting down the days to Halloween? So am I! The Halloween Countdown is 31 days of themed round-ups featuring crafts, recipes, costume ideas, and decorating tutorials to make the best Halloween ever! Day 4 was Zombies - my personal favorite - and here is a taste of what you missed. Click the link so you won't miss out again!...more

5 Things I love about 4th of July

 With the 4th at the end of this week, I thought I'd draft my personal top 5 favorites about the ol'red, white & blue celebration. Shall we? 1. I'm going to get right to specifics here and say freedom. While I do feel there are many freedoms still needing some follow through, this country is a great, great land. I'm thankful, proud, and happy to represent this land. ...more

It's National Blah Blah Blah Day

Today is National Blah, Blah, Blah Day. It’s also:...more
Denise We do what we must. LOLmore