A Gift of Love


Holiday Shopping: 5 Stages Of Grief

 "It's the most wonderful time of the year..." Whoever coined that phrase clearly never tried to decorate a house for Christmas with six overeager k...more

White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread

Day 12 of the 12 Days of Christmas Cookie SeriesYou made it! You're here, at the grand finale of our holiday baking extravaganza. I've spent entirely too much time in  the kitchen during the past week and a half, eating my weight in butter. Do you know that in order to produce the twelve days of Christmas cookies it takes 10-15 pounds of butter, 20 pounds of various types of chocolate, 10 pounds of sugar and 25 pounds of flour? My freezer is stuffed to the gills with ziplocs full of frosting, sprinkled confection....more

Holidays, the most stressful time of year for women and how to take them back!

On Christmas Eve last year I was up until 1am frantically wrapping gifts, surrounded by a mess of paper, ribbons, bows, and tape. I was never to find the scissors (even though they were always next to me). This has come after weeks of shopping, cleaning the house, decorating, cooking, baking, and writing and addressing stakes of Christmas Cards....more

Part 2 We were all nice at Christmas

  “Love came down at Christmas, love all lovely, love divine, love was born at Christmas, star and angels gave the sign”.   What is it about Christmas that changes us?    The sounds and smells and smiles that we all experience.  No matter what is happening in our lives, we mostly pull it together and embrace love. ...more

We were all nice at Christmas

Christmas.   It brings out so many emotions, doesn’t it?  Such a myriad of feelings arise from the past.  From fun to beautiful to heartbreaking and back again.   The holidays aren’t always what you see on the Hallmark Channel.  Although wait, I must say that is my favorite thing to do this time of year.  Watch a Hallmark Christmas movie that is....more

Relentless Holiday Cheer

For many of us with bipolar disorder, the holidays are hard to get through. There is stress caused by family, shopping, entertaining, and crowds. Or the celebrations of others can bring loneliness, isolation, immobility, and despair. Above all, there is the relentless, overwhelming, mandatory cheerfulness, and the expectation that we should feel that way.As I write this, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. A bit over a week later is my birthday. Then comes Christmas. And, of course, New Year's Eve and Day....more

My Un-holiday

A Chinese restaurant was the setting for one of the best Christmas dinners I’ve ever enjoyed.   The first Christmas on my own a few months into a separation from a 22 year marriage that had lasted too long.  Going through a divorce is never pretty and this one was particularly not.  But this first year, an un-holiday is what my sister and I decided on.  Freedom to choose.  An un-holiday would be perfect after more than 20 years following the same pattern at Christmas....more

Condom Review: Trustex Dual Color Orange & Black

Want to say, “Happy Halloween,” with your peen? Impress your boo by dressing up your D in the spirit of the season with the Trustex Dual Color Orange & Black condom!...more

Surviving and Thriving Through the Holidays

The holidays can be tricky as a newly single person. Usually a time for family, and family traditions, we are made painfully aware that things have changed. Another reminder of days gone by. It’s important to create new traditions for yourself. If you have children, you might enlist them. What is particularly meaningful to you today?...more